Chapter 3: The First Fight By: Lvdoomien _______________________________________________________________________________________

<The Gattle pirates gather around the captain and Tomás, taunting him and cheering on their captain>

Captain: You don't seem to fear death, you lil' stowaway. I think you should.

Tomás: There's no point in fearing something that can't attack me. <smirks>

Captain: Well then call me Gattle, also known as your death! Gattling Barrage! <Gattle starts firing at Tomás with his Gattling gun hand>

<Tomás runs away from the attack by climbing up the mast of the ship, causing some of Gattle's bullets going through the sail>

Tomás: You're not a good shot, are you? Sheru Arrow! <Tomás throws a long, spiral shaped sea shell at Gattle's head>

<Gattle blocks the shell with his Nodachi>

Gattle: Coward! Come down here and fight like a man!

Tomás: No I'm good, it's nice up here!

Gattle: Stop being a smartass you lil' stowaway! Crew, get him down from there so I don't ruin the sail!

<Gattle's crew starts firing at Tomás with flintlock pistols and throwing things at him, making more damage in the sails>

Tomás: Shehe! Your crew is a worse shot dude!

Gattle: Wait lower the sail! You idiots are making more holes in it! You're all a bunch of worthless idiots!

<Tomás gets an idea then makes razor sharp scallop sea shells on the side of his right forearm. Tomás then slides down the sail with his right forearm against the sail, tearing it. Tomás then lands in front of Gattle with a smirk>

Gattle: You son of a bitch! <extremely angered> I'm gonna cut you apart! <Gattle starts swinging his Nodachi wildly>

<Tomás swiftly dodges each swing then punches Gattle in the chest and makes a shell-shaped bruise on his chest>

<Gattle slides back while dropping his Nodachi and holds his chest then points at Tomás with his gattling gun hand>

Gattle: Kill him!

Pirates: Yes captain!

<All of the Gattle Pirates attack Tomás with clubs, swords, and improvised weapons>

Tomás: <starts dodging and deflecting the attacks while punching any pirate he gets a chance to> Oh forget all you guys! Sheru Storm! <Tomás knocks away all the pirates around him so he has room then starts spinning in a circle quickly. Tomás then starts throwing sea shells of different shapes and sizes in all directions>

<The Gattle Pirates try to block the attack, but they are all either knocked unconscious or knocked off the ship by the attack>

<Gattle quickly picks up his his Nodachi and spins it around with one hand to deflect the attack.>

<Tomás stops spinning then looks around at the crew as they all lay unconscious on the ship.>

Tomás: (Hey, it worked! I got the sea shells to be blunt so they don't kill all these guys too! Damn am I a genius.)

<Gattle looks around at his crew, thinking they are all dead, then snaps>


Tomás: Dude they're fine! Calm down!

<Gattle ignores Tomás and rushes at him>

Gattle: GATTLING PUNCH! <Gattle punches Tomás with his gattling gun hand while firing it>

Tomás: Shi- <Tomás gets sent into the mast and makes a small indent then falls to the ground, seemingly dead>

<Gattle stands in front of Tomás triumphantly while smiling evilly>

Gattle: That'll teach you not to... What?!

<Tomás slowly stands up. A large sea shell riddled with bullets is shown covering his chest>

Tomás: Ow! That hurt damn it!

Gattle: Will you just die already?! <Gattle swings his Nodachi at Tomás, but Tomás dodges so the Nodachi gets stuck in the mast> Damn it! <Tomás then pulls his fist back as the sea shells covering his arm double, making the armor thicker>

Tomás: SHERU CANNON! <Tomás then punches Gattle square in the face>

Gattle: Gaaah! <The punch breaks his nose and a couple of his teeth as he's sent back into the ship's railing, breaking it as he's left hanging halfway off the ship. Gattle then goes unconscious>

Tomás: Hah! What?! WHAT?! What you gonna do about it?! <Tomás flaunts around the ship, overly proud of his first victory. One of the many downed pirates then complains about it>

Pirate: Oh shut up!

Tomás: What was that?! I couldn't here you over how badass I am! Also <Tomás then kicks the pirate in the gut>

Pirate: Ow! Prick...

Tomás: Shehehe! Okay that's enough boasting... Time to loot my first ship!

<Tomás walks down below deck and looks around. Among the various crates of food and barrels of rum, Tomás sees a slightly muscular old man with a grayish beard and gray hair mopping the deck. The man is wearing a flannel shirt, jeans, and sandals. The man turns to him with astonishment.>

Old man: What the... Who are you? <The man speaks with an aged, gruff voice>

Tomás: I'm Tomás. Tomás H. Ells. And I'm looting my first ship!

Old man: Well, there is not much down here, that stupid captain spent most of his money on all these supplies... Speaking of him, what happened to Gattle and his crew? <The man stop mopping>

Tomás: I kicked their asses, that's what!

Old man: I see... 

Tomás: By the way, who're you again? I forgot to ask.

Old man: I am Komota Arnold. I am the deck hand for these guys, regrettably.

Tomás: So you don't care that I just beat up all your friends?

Komota: <Scoffs> Those men up there mean nothing to me. I am just using them as a way to get somewhere.

Tomás: You talk funny. Don't you know what an apostrophe is?

Komota: You are just a kid. Why should I take grammar lessons from you? And it is rude to correct your elders.

Tomás: Hey, I'm 18 damn it! I'm not some damn kid!

Komota: Yes. yes of course you are not.

Tomás: Well you're an asshole.

<Komota quickly rushes up to Tomás and hits him in the head with his mop, sending him into a crate and smashing it>

Komota: I do not need to take criticism from a young punk like you. I do not care that you have beaten Gattle and I do not care that you knocked out the whole crew. But if you do not show me respect I assure you that I will cave your skull in. Understand?

<Tomás rubs his head while looking at Komota, then stands up>

Tomás: Yeah... Well sorry I guess.

Komota: <smiles> Better, now we got off to a bad start. So let us start over. I am Komota Arnold. <Komota holds out his hand to Tomás>

Tomás: Well you already know my name, but it's Tomás H. Ells if you forgot already. <Tomás shakes Komota's hand>

Komota: Now, is that not better?

Tomás: Yeah I guess, but hey! I just got an idea!

Komota: Hmmm? <Komota and Tomás both walk onto the deck of the ship>

Tomás: I think I saw an island really close to here that we can dock at so we can get rid of these all these guys. Tossing them all off the ship would be too much work anyway. Hell, I bet we can probably give these guys to marines and get ourselves some money!

Komota: Eh, what the hell. Let us set sail. Besides, I do not think I have been to any islands in these parts.

Tomas: Alright! <Tomás looks around at the ship then looks at the sail> Oh, and I made a big tear in the sail, you know how to fix that?

Komota: I am a good sail mender, so yes, I will try to fix it. You just get all the pirates in a row and tied up with some rope that is below deck. I am pretty sure there is a marine outpost on that island.

Tomas: Wait, how do you know that if you've never been to the island?

Komota: <Laughs> Just a lucky guess, now I am going to go get a sail mending kit and some rope from below deck. Do me a favor and lower the sail too, please. (Damn, that was close.)

Tomás: Oh sure. <Tomás lowers the sail then starts getting all the pirates in a row, ready to be tied up>


What do you guys think?

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