Chapter 4: We Forgot Something  By: Lvdoomien ___________________________________________________________________________________________

<It's been roughly 30 minutes. Komota has just finished mending the sail while Tomás is trying to figure out how to steer the ship. Komota raises the sail>

Komota: Okay, it is fixed. Have you figured out how to steer a ship yet?

Tomás: Yeah it's not that hard.

Komota: Well steer us into port then.

Tomás: Yeah yeah. <Tomás steers the ship in the direction of the port. While Tomás is steering, Komota looks over at Gattle's body>

Komota: (To think, a single boy actually beat. I thought you were stronger Gattle.) <Komota drifts into thought while Tomás tries to get his attention>

Tomás: KOMOTA!

Komota: Yes?

Tomás: You spaced out dude! We're here!

Komota: Oh, sorry. I was thinking.

Tomás: Well come on! We gotta go find the marine base on here so we can get rid of these jackasses.

<Tomás and Komota both get off the ship and walk down to the marine base set up on the island as the town folk watch them>

<A marine walks up to them and stops them>

Marine: Halt! Who are you two?

Tomás: We're here to turn in some pirates!

Komota: Yes, we are bounty hunters. Where is your commanding officer?

Tomás: Hey no we- <Komota quickly punches Tomás in the arm to shut him up> OW!

Marine: Um, alright. The marine building is this way.

<Tomás and Komota follow the marine to the marine outpost>

<Meanwhile, Gattle struggles to sit himself up, holding his face. He looks around to get his bearing.>

Gattle: (What the hell? Is that that punk walking off with my deck hand? And why is my dead crew tied up... Wait a minute they weren't dead! And... those guys are trying to turn us in! I'm stopping those bastards!) <Gattle stands up and gets off the ship while the town folk look at him strangely>

Gattle: What you looking at, huh?! Stop looking at me! Gattling Barrage! <Gattle starts firing at the town folk with his gattling gun hand while the town folk run in terror>

<Several Marines rush towards Gattle with their sabers drawn>

Marines: Attack!

Gattle: I'll kill you all!

Meanwhile at the marine outpost

<Tomás and Komota enter the small marine base with the marine they were following. They are led to a very thin man in a marine outfit that is sitting at a desk>

Tomás: Who's that?

Komota: Somebody important, so be polite.

Officer: Yes thank you, I'm Master Chief Petty Officer Stick and welcome to Gubba town. How can I help you two?

Komota: Me and my friend are here to turn in some pirates. We want to make some extra beli.

Stick: Alright, show me the pirates and you'll receive their bounties if they have any.

<A marine soldier rushes into the room with several bullet wound>

Marine: Master Chief Petty Officer Stick! A large pirate is attacking the pier! <The marine then collapses to the floor from blood loss>

Komota: We forgot to tie Gattle I believe.

Tomas: Oh shit you're right...

Stick: What?! <looks at Komota and Tomás angrily> If this is your doing, you're both dead! <draws his saber> All marines! Arm yourselfs and head to the pier!

<Master Chief Petty Officer Stick and all the other marines head to the pier>

Komota: Come on Tomás. We got to stop Gattle from killing everybody.

Tomás: Why can't we let the marines take care of him?

Komota: Because they will not. Gattle will probably kill all of them. And if they all get killed we can not get our beli.

Tomás: Oh good point. Let's go then! <Tomás runs out of the marine building with Komota behind him>

<Tomás and Komota arrive at the pier and find Gattle and Stick locking swords>

Gattle: Don't even try to fight me, marine!

Stick: I shall fight to defend this town till I die!

Gattle: Well then die! Gattling Punch! <Gattle punches Stick with his gattling gun hand while it's firing, sending Stick into a building>

Marines: Master Chief Petty Officer Stick!

Tomás: Oh shit, I think he's dead.

Gattle: <looks to Tomás and Komota> You two! Get ready to die! Gattling Barrage! <Gattle fires at them with his gattling gun, but Komota quickly jumps in front of Tomás with his mop then blocks the attack by spinning it in front of him and Tomás>

Tomás: Nice. You're quick for an old man. 

Komota: Tomás, hush. And Gattle, do not try to harm him. If you want to try to do so, you will have to get through me.

Gattle: You traitorous idiot! If you side with my enemy, then you are my enemy, deck hand! <points at Komota with his Nodachi> By the end of this day, only one of us will stand!

Tomás: <A row of sea shells go up Tomás's arms and hands> Let's get him Komota!

<Komota holds out his mop in front of Tomás with one hand>

Komota: I appreciate the help Tomás, but I would like to take care of this.

Tomás: But-

Komota: I have this under control, Tomás.

<Tomás clenches his fists a little, then stands down and lets Komota fight Gattle>

Tomás: Fine, kick his ass dude. <Tomás shrugs and sits down to watch the fight>

<Gattle smiles at Komota and readys himself for battle>

Gattle: So are we gonna fight or not?!

Komota: <Holds his mop like a staff and gets in a fighting position> Yes, we shall.

<Gattle runs at Komota and swings his Nodachi wildly while Komota blocks every swing with his mop. Komota then smacks Gattle across the face with the head of the mop>

<Gattle flinches then brings his Nodachi down on Komota and Komota blocks the attack>

Gattle: You think your stupid little mop can take me just because it's made of metal? It's just a mop!

Komota: Do not underestimate your enemy Gattle. You have no idea how many people have underestimated me.

Gattle: What's that supposed to mean?! <Gattle kicks Komota and he falls on his back. Gattle then tries to stomp down on him>

<Komota rolls out of the way then spins around and knocks Gattle to the ground by hitting him in the head with his mop>

Komota: You will never know. Trust me. <Komota brings his mop down on Gattle's chest and Gattle coughs up blood. Komota then jumps away from Gattle>

Gattle: Gah! <Gattle coughs repeatedly then stands up and starts firing at Komota with his gattling gun> EAT LEAD!

<Komota deflects all the shots with his mop then jumps toward Gattle and hits him in the head hard. Komota lands on his feet in front of Gattle>

<Gattle falls back then yells angrily and swings his Nodachi at Komota and slices him on the side of the arm>

Gattle: Now you've really pissed me off! I'm not holding back now!

Komota: So you were holding back too?

Gattle: You what?! <face becomes angry> You've been holding back?! Don't fight me like I'm a weakling! GIVE ME YOUR ALL!

Komota: If you insist, but you will regret it.

<Komota pulls off the head of the mop and puts the head in his belt, revealing that the mop is actually a disguised Bisento!>

Komota: Now, let us continue.


What do you guys think?

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