Chapter 6: New Arlong Pirates By: Lvdoomien


<After a week or two of sailing, Tomás is getting bored of seeing nothing but sea and the ocassional fish-like creature. Komota is swabbing the deck, much to Tomás' annoyance and confusion>

Tomás: Komo! Why the hell are you still swabbing the deck?! I'm pretty sure you've swabbed every part of the ship at least five million times!

Komota: Well if I stop swabbing, you are going to get the ship all dirty again. That is why I am always swabbing the deck.

Tomás: But you've swabbed the gattling gun figurehead on the bow of the ship twice! I mean, come on man do you do anything besides swab?!

Komota: I assure you, if I stop swabbing the deck something bad is going to happen to the ship.

Tomás: I assure you nothing will happen if you stop swabbing for an hour.

<Komota stops swabbing the deck and looks at Tomás>

Komota: Well what should I do besides swab?

Tomás: Uhhh... I don't know.

Komota: <sighs and holds his forehead> Damn it...

Tomás: What?! I'm trying to get you to loosen up!

Komota: Well how do I "loosen up" then?

Tomás: Jeez why do you want me to come up with all the decisions?!

Komota: Because you are the captain... That is your job. Just like my job is to swab the deck.

Tomás: Damn it Komo!

Komota: Damn it Tomás.

<Tomás rubs his temples and thinks for a moment>

Tomás: Oh I have an idea! Komo, go get us something to drink from below deck!

Komota: Why? It is your idea.

Tomás: Because I'm the captain and I make the decisions! Now go get me a beer!

Komota: <Puts his mop down> What specifically do you want then?

Tomás: Well.... I don't know I've never had anything alcoholic.

Komota: .... I will get you something light.

Tomás: Hey what's that supposed to mean?!

<Komota goes below deck lightly laughing to himself to look for something to drink while Tomás stands around mad at>

<A couple minutes later Komota comes back onto deck holding two bottles and tosses one to Tomás>

Tomás: Is this what a beer bottle looks like? It doesn't look like beer or rum or whatever... <Tomás looks at the bottle's label and reads "Original Cola>

Komota: It is not alcoholic, all the alcohol was gone. I found some cola though.

Tomás: ....What the hell is cola.

Komota: Cola is something you drink. It is good.

Tomás: But... what is it?

Komota: Water, carbon gas, caramel coloring, flavor, and sugar. You will love it. Kids love sugar.

Tomás: I'm not a kid! I'm 18!

Komota: I am 74. You are a kid to me. Now just drink it. You will like it.

Tomás: Jesus, you're old. <Tomás looks at the bottle and tries to pry off the bottle cap> How the hell do you open this?

Komota: With a bottle opener, of course. Would you like to use mine? <Komota takes a bottle opener out of his pockets and easily opens the cola>

Tomás: No! I wanna figure it out myself.

Komota: Alright, you are the captain. <Komota leans against the railing of the ship drinking his cola while Tomás tries to open it. Komota then chuckles a little watching Tomás trying to pry the bottle open as he spikes his drink with a whiskey flask he removes from his shirt. Eventually, Tomás makes a small scallop seashell come out of the bottom of the joint of his thumb so he can use it as a bottle opener>

Tomás: Aha!

Komota: Oh, good job. And it only took you around five minutes.

Tomás: Damn it Komo! This cola stuff better be good. <Tomás takes a small sip of the cola, and his eyes widen>

Komota: Are you okay?

Tomás: This... is AMAZING!!

Komota: See? I told you you would like it.

Tomás: Komo, I'm never doubting you again! <Tomás chugs the whole bottle. As Tomás finishes the whole bottle he sees something near the railings of the other side of the ship out of the corner of his eye. Tomás yells and quickly throws the bottle at the railing, shattering the bottle>

Komota: What the... Look you scratched the paint on that railing I told you you would get the ship dirty again.

Tomás: Well I saw something! Something is over there!

Komota: Tomás it was probably a sea king or some kind of fish.

Tomás: No I'm not! There was something over there!

Komota: Tomás, drink your cola. You did not see anything. It was the sun.

Tomás: Damn it Komo! There was something over there! It looked right at me!

Komota: Wait.... it "looked" at you? Are you sure?

Tomás: Yeah dammit why wouldn't I be sure?! It looked like a person but he had a really long neck.

Komota: Hmm... It could have been a Longneck. I do not know why he would be all the way out here... What color was his skin?

Tomás: <thinks for a moment> A light blue.

Komota: Well Longnecks are not light blue...

Tomás: Well what the hell is it?!

????: Try fishman!

<Suddenly a long-necked Moray Eel Fishman with short black hair, a tricorn hat, an open vest and baggy pants jumps onto the deck and unsheaths a Scimitar. A Goblin Shark Fishman wielding a rusted anchor wearing baggy pants and no shirt and an unarmed Giant Squid Fishman wearing just baggy pants jump to the Fishman's side. Several other Fishmen jump onto the deck with them>

Tomás: Who the hell are you guys?! And what the hell is a fishman?!

Komota: Fishmen are half man, half fish. They are evolutionary offsets of mankind, And they are typically not very nice.

Fishman: That's right! I'm Benthic, Captain of the New Arlong Pirates! These are my crewmates Ocho Much, the strongest Giant Squid Fishman alive and my first mate and Goburi, my muscle. This section of the West Blue belongs to Madame Nellie and you two humans are trespassing!

Tomás: Well I didn't see no damn signs!

Benthic: You're still trespassing!

Tomás: <A single row of sea shells go up Tomás's arm> What are you gonna do about it then?!

Komota: Now wait a minute, can we not discuss this for just a moment? <All of the fishmen draw their weapons and get ready to fight> 

Ocho:  I call blondie!

Tomás: What the hell did you call me?! I'll break your face!

Ocho: Bring it jackass! <Tomás and Ocho lunge at each other and start punching each other while the rest of the fishman and Goburi stand around and watch. Komota sighs and rubs his forehead>

Benthic: What the hell are you all waiting for, an invitation?! Get them!

<Goburi and the other fishmen become undistracted, then remember what they're all doing and lunge at Komota with their weapons drawn. While the pirates are attacking Komota, Benthic takes out a Den Den Mushi. Ocho and Tomás are fighting on the opposite side of the ship away from Komota and everyone else>

Benthic: Madame, me and my soldiers found some humans trespassing on our waters. We'll bring them in as soon as they are defeated. It should only take a while.

Madame: Hurry it up, Benthic. And leave their ship too. We don't need it.

<Meanwhile, Komota is knocking away fishmen left and right with his mop. While he's fighting, Goburi attacks Komota with his anchor and they lock weapons>

Goburi: Me can beat you!

Komota: I doubt that strongly.

Goburi: Well uhh stop doubting stuffs!

<Komota forces back Goburi then hits him in the head with the his mop, knocking him out>

Komota: Uneducated oaf.


Ocho: You're pretty good at fighting blondie, but not good enough!

Tomás: Oh yeah?! Sheru Uppercut! <Tomás does an uppercut but misses then Ocho punches him in the stomach in retaliation>

Ocho: Now you're open! 800 Brick Punch! <Ocho brings back all eight his fists then punches Tomás with all of them at once, sending him through the mast of the ship!>

<Tomás flies into Komota, who is standing over Goburi, and knocks both of them into the captain's quarters. They are both knocked unconscious>

<Benthic gets off his Den Den Mushi and orders the remaining fishmen to surround the duo. Some of the fishman are helping up the knocked down fishmen, including Goburi>

Benthic: You! Put these Sea Stone Handcuffs on the blonde one. We wouldn't like him attacking again with that devil fruit of his.

<A Guppy fishman puts a pair of Sea Stone handcuffs on Tomás and picks him up>

Guppy fishman: Should I grab the old man too?

Benthic: Yes, Damn it! Why wouldn't you!

????: Because we're here! <A Blue Tuna Fishman wielding two sabers and wearing a green shirt that says "Fish" jumps onto the deck. He is accompanied by several other fishmen and a tall, muscular Cookie Cutter Shark Fishman wearing a blue hawaiian shirt, khaki shorts and flip flops. The Cookie Cutter Shark Fishman is wielding what appears to be a repaired version of the Kiribachi>

Benthic: Thunnus! I see you bought your stupid human loving friends too!

Thunnus: And we're gonna kick your ass Benthic! 

<All the fishman standing with Thunnus unsheath their weapons>

Goburi: Benthic, we needs to retreats or we losed! Other fishmans very weak and tired!

Benthic: Damn it... Crew, retreat! We'll kill these human lovers another day!

<Benthic and his fishmen jump into the water and swim away with Tomás as a captive>

Thunnus: Damn it! They got away...

Sake: Well, at least they didn't capture that old man. <walks over to Thunnus and stands with him>

Thunnus: Oh yeah.... Someone grab that old guy and let's get out of here. We'll have to get those guys later.

<The Cookie Cutter Shark Fishman picks up Komota and his mop as the rest of the fishmen swim back to the nearby Koko Islands>

Several hours later on the Koko Islands

<Komota wakes up laying on a bed. The Cookie Cutter Shark Fishman is sitting in a wooden chair next to the bed>

Cookie Cutter: Oh good, you're awake.

Komota: Where am I? And where is my ship?

Cookie Cutter: You're in a hospital on one of the Koko Islands. You're safe with us. Your ship isn't safe though, I think a Sea King sank it.

Komota: Damn it, I told that boy something would happen if I stopped...

Cookie Cutter: Huh?

Komota: Nothing, nothing. But since you saved me it is only proper of me to introduce myself. I am Komota, Komota Arnold. <holds his hand out to shake his> And you are?

Cookie Cutter: <Shakes Komota's hand> Sake. Call me Sake.


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