Chapter 7: A Species Divided By: Lvdoomien ____________________________________________________________________________________

<Tomás wakes up handcuffed being dragged down the sidewalk of a fishman town by two large fishmen towards a near exact replica of Arlong Park. Tomás looks around the town as fishmen civilians look at him in disgust while a couple fishmen children throw rocks at him>

Tomás: HEY! I'll kick your ass you little punks!

<One of the fishmen, a swordfish, carrying Tomás kicks him>

Swordfish Fishman: Shut it, human! You've done enough crimes by trespassing, but threatening a child? You're just sick!

Tomás: Screw you! I'll kick your ass too!

Sardine Fishman: He said shut it!

Tomás: I'LL CRACK YOUR SKULL! <Tomás yells and thrashes angrily. The Sardine fishman then hits Tomás hard over the head, knocking him unconscious>

Swordfish Fishman: Deen we were supposed to bring him to the palace conscious!

Deen: Eh, we'll just say he tried attacking that kid.

Swordfish: That excuse better work. <The two fishmen hurry up to the Arlong Park replica, dragging Tomás behind them>

<A little while later, Benthic walks into a large room inside the palace. In the very back of the room is a throne where a Angelfish fishwoman in a kimono is sitting and sipping a martini. She has a sheathed katana at her side. Benthic walks past two rows of armored fishman guards towards the fishwoman then gets on one knee in front of her>

Benthic: Madame, the human I captured is here but the idiots that brought him here knocked him unconscious. They claim he tried attacking a child and th-

Madame: I don't care. I gave them a task and they didn't do it. That's why they're in a cell with him. Now, have we had any other ships in our waters besides that small crew?

Benthic: No, but there was a small patrol unit from Thunnus' side that we quickly scared off. They tried saving the humans we captured.

Madame: Good, now leave and let me enjoy my martini. Go tell your men to train or patrol or whatever they do. I don't want to be bothered.

Benthic: Yes, Madame. <Benthic stands and bows then starts to walk out of the room. The Madame smirks to herself>

Madame: Oh, and Benthic?

Benthic: <stops and turns around> Yes, Madame?

Madame: I thought you told me that there were two human pirates, or am I mistaken? <Narrows her eyes at Benthic>

Benthic: <starts to sweat> He uhhhh... escaped. With Thunnus... <quickly bows in front of her> Forgive me Madame, please. It was an accident.

Madame: I don't want your excuses! <Throws her martini glass at Thunnus as he flinches, then stands and yells at him> Do me a favor and throw yourself into that cell with that stupid human and your stupid peons! I'll tell one of the guards to get you out when I don't want to kill you anymore...

Benthic: Yes, Madame, sorry Madame. <Benthic walks out of the room, cursing at himself as the Madame sits back down and sighs, then looks around at her guards angrily>

Madame: Will one of you get me another God damn martini?! <All the guards look around at each other for a moment, then all rush out of the room to get her what she desires.

Meanwhile, at the hospital

Komota: So, Sake, can you please inform where my captain was taken? I do not see him here.

Sake: The blonde guy?

Komota: Yes, that is Tomás.

Sake: Oh right yeah, your captain was captured by those guys that attacked you, they took him back to their place.

Komota: And who were those fishmen?

Sake: To put it somewhat shortly, maybe three or so years ago some big group of racist pirate attacked the Koko Islands and wiped out a lot of us. However, we were able to scare off the crew and the captain was killed. After the crew left most of the islands were trashed and we were left to clean up their mess. While we were burying our dead, rebuilding our homes, etc., the fishmen and women of the Kokos began to think about what would happen again if more humans attacked. We took two sides and each side claimed a half of the Kokos.

Komota: Let me guess, one side hates humans and one side does not?

Sake: Yeah, the people who believed that that pirate crew were just racist assholes clamored together over here, where Thunnus took advantage of the situation just so he can be a "leader".

Komota: You do not agree with him?

Sake: Not exactly, I feel like he's just declared himself leader for the sake of being in charge. For all I know he would've done the same if he was on the other half of the island.

Komota: Interesting, now what about the other half?

Sake: Oh yeah right, Benthic's side. They believe that all humans are a threat and must be kept out at all cost. That's why they set up a nice long perimeter around their part of the Kokos. Any ship that comes near the Kokos is attacked and usually sunk.

Komota: Benthic is the one in charge then?

Sake: Well kinda, he's like the second in command I guess. The real gal in charge is a fishwoman that declared herself ruler of that half of the island after everybody flocked under her and her talk of how humans must be kept away and stuff. Nobody's really mentioned her name but the other guys call her Madame. From what I've heard she is actually leading her cause, and not just because she wants to be in charge.

Komota: This sounds like quite the powder keg here.

Sake: Yeah, it's a great place to live.

Komota: Heh, now about saving me... do you always try to save people like you did with me?

Sake: Oh yeah of course, if we can't make it to a ship in time we pick up whoever's still around or at the least grab what we can use from whatever's left. Anybody we save we bring back here. If they need a doc or a bed or whatever, we provide it. After that, we give them the choice of either staying here and joining our cause, or we take them over to this small island right a little while from here so they can catch a ride to somewhere else or something.

Komota: And you try to recruit human soldiers to damage the morale of the other side.

Sake: Yeah basically. We have the human guys patrol the actual islands so we can have more fishmen patrolling the waters that the Madame and her people set up.

Komota: But how do you get those men to that island? Would those fishmen pirates not attack them on sight if they are riding on the back of somebody?

Sake: That's why I gotta ship. I learned how to steer a ship so we can take anyone we save from here to the other island. We have the guys hidden below deck while have a dozen of our guys guarding the deck in case Benthic's guys show up.

Komota: So I guess Tomás and I will be getting a ride too?

Sake: Yeah probably, unless you decide to stay here and help out.

Komota: I would not mind helping, but that is not my call. However I think we can help each other.

Sake: How so? 

Komota: I can help you guys however I can, and you can help me save my captain.

Sake: Hmm... <scratches his head> sounds alright, if you're feeling better we can go talk to Thunnus about it right now.

Komota: Yes, I feel fine. However, I just have a small concern.

Sake: What's up?

Komota: You fight against Benthic and those who hate humans, but your weapon seems to disagree with you.

Sake: .... Eh?

Komota: Your weapon. Historically, it belonged to probably the most infamous human hating fishman to walk the earth. I do not understand why somebody that likes human would use that weapon. Could you by chance be a spy? Maybe even related?

Sake: <glares at Komota> ...I grabbed your mop before we left your ship, and the sheath part fell off when I picked it up. Going off of how old you look to be and your mop, you remind me of the former First Mate of an old Yonko...

Komota: <glares back> Touche, Sake. Now, why do we not keep these little realizations to ourselves? I am sure you do not not want people to know who your ancestors are and I would enjoy staying anonymous. The last thing we need is Marines descending on this powder keg.

Sake: Yeah, they'd probably make all this worse.

Komota: Now, where is Thunnus?

Sake: He's probably in his office, I'll introduce you two.

<Sake helps Komota off of the bed and hands him his mop as they both leave the hospital>

Meanwhile, in the New Arlong Palace's jail

<Tomás is sitting against a wall with sea stone handcuffs on his wrists. Benthic is in a corner muttering to himself while the sardine and the swordfish fishmen are arguing with each other. Somebody enters the jail and looks around>

Benthic: Ocho? What are you doing here?

Ocho: I'm here to kick blondie's ass, on order of Madame. Stay in your corner Benthic.

Benthic: Madame wouldn't ask you to do something that stupid.

Ocho: Quiet Benthic, you're on jail time! Now, blondie...

<Tomás stands up upon hearing this>

Tomás: What the.. what the hell's your problem?!

Ocho: <cracks all of his knuckles> I never let an opponent walk away alive. All my battles are a fight to the death, and I'm ending ours now!

Tomás: Bring it on you- <tries to get in a fighting position but remembers he has handcuffs on> Aww shit.

Ocho: You seem to be at a disadvantage!

Tomás: Screw you you coward!

Ocho: Stop whining!

<Ocho yells then lunges at Tomás with half of his fists pulled back into a punch>

Tomás: Oh God damn it!


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