Chapter 8: Making Friends By: Lvdoomien


<Komota and Sake walk through a town strikiingly similar to the one Tomás was dragged through. The two of them walk into a large office building. Thunnus, still wearing his green "Fish" shirt and khaki shorts, is sitting at the main desk kicking back while a thin and short Cuttle fish fishman is talking to him frantically. The Cuttle fish fishman is wearing a button-up shirt and jeans. Many other fishmen are hanging around the office area talking, eating, visiting, writing and other things>

Thunnus: Calm down Cutler, we just scared Benthic off right now. He's not gonna show his ugly head anytime soon. Hell, one of our undercovers told me that Benthic's on jail time! We're fine!

Cutler: But sir you don't get it! Even if Benthic is on penalty we still need to worry about his men! We have a report that they sunk a passenger ship earlier and you haven't even sent out anybody to help salvage!

Thunnus: I didn't?

Cutler: No!

Thunnus: Oh... Oops. I'll do it later.

Cutler: Sir! They're people! If we just leave people to die out in the ocean it-

Thunnus: Whatever Cutler!

Cutler: But sir! You can't just leave people to die like that just because you don't want to!

Thunnus: I'll get to it when I feel like it! I'm comfy right now.

Cutler: Sir you can't just sit around and do nothing just because you're the leader! You need to have that passenger ship checked out and start planning our next attack too!

Thunnus: Cutler... <narrows his eyes at Cutler as he becomes annoyed at him>

Cutler: <sighs> Sorry sir... <notices that Sake and Komota have been standing there this whole time> Oh my, I'm sorry Sake have you been here this whole time?

Sake: Yeah but it's fine.

Thunnus: Hmm? Oh hey, it's Sake and the old guy.

Komota: Please, call me Komota.

Cutler: What do you two need?

Sake: Oh right, Komota wanted to talk about helping out.

Komota: Indeed, now as you may know my friend Tomás has-

Thunnus: Who?

Cutler: The other human you failed to save.

Thunnus: Oh. <looks at Komota and shrugs> Oops.

Cutler: Oi...

Komota: <clears his throat> As I was saying, Tomás has already been captured by this Benthic person and is apparently being held captive in the palace of this Madame, as she is called. I am here to offer my help as a warrior and strategist in the attempt to rescue my friend and captain. If you would accept my help, I would be honored.

Thunnus: Eh, sure why the hell not. 

Cutler: What my leader here is trying to say is that we would be honored to have such a capable and obviously hardied warrior like yourself to aid us.

Komota: Thank you, now I believe you mentioned having some kind of attack soon?

Thunnus: Yeah, we were gonna go mess with those guys today or something.

Cutler: We haven't even planned it yet though.

Thunnus: We don't need a plan! Hell we might as well attack now!

Cutler: Wh-what?! Sir you can't be serious!

Thunnus: Oh I'm very serious Cutler, if I- I mean we have this guy here fighting for us I'm sure we'll be able to kill those bastards!

Cutler: Sir!

Komota: That is unwise.

<Thunnus look at him confused as Cutler sighs and sits down. Sake has also taken a seat behind Komota>

Thunnus: ... And why the hell not?

Komota: An attack that has no plan will fail. Do you even have an idea of what you are going to have us do?

Thunnus: Of course I do! We just charge into the palace and kick their asses!

Komota: That is a horrible plan.

Thunnus: <angered by the questioning of his authority> Hey! We've won dozen of times doing that!

Komota: Where were these dozens of battles you have apparently won?

Thunnus: Uhhh.... 

Cutler: Open areas typically, we've never attempted to take their palace.

Komota: Exactly. In an open area, that would be an... acceptable idea. But here, it is not.

Thunnus: Well what do you suggest then, since you're so damn smart?

Komota: Do you have a map of the palace?

Sake: Yeah, I think Bayou made one. He's a cartographer.

Thunnus: What's a cartographer? <looks at Cutler>

Cutler: Somebody who makes maps.

Sake: Oh I'll go find him. Gimme a sec. <Stands and walks away to find Bayou>

Thunnus: This better be good. <sits in his chair pouting>

Cutler: You have experience strategizing I presume?

Komota: Yes, I have been many things in my life, and strategist was one of them. I have planned successful attack against marine bases, so I know what I am doing. 

Sake: (This old guy really is the legendary Metal Mop...)

Thunnus: Well, if I die in this plan of yours at least I'll die a martin or whatever you call those guys that die for causes. <While they're talking, Sake walks back holding a rolled up map> Oh hey, Sake's back. Cutler help him put the map down.

Cutler: Yes sir.

<Cutler clears away Thunnus' junk-covered desk so Sake can lay down the big hand-drawn map of the Madame's side of the island onto the desk. Komota walks over to the map and scans over it for a moment while the others back away. Komota takes a long unsharpened pencil from his pocket to use as a pointer while Sake, Cutler and Thunnus stand by and wait for Komota to start talking>

Sake: You have a lot of stuff in your pocket don't you?

Komota: Yes, I do actually. Deep pockets. Now, as you can see we have the palace, along with several smaller buildings connected to the palace and a large main wall. In front of this giant wall is a large town like this one. This town is-

Thunnus: How do you know all this all of the sudden?

Komota: I just know how to read a map. Unlike you, apparently. <Thunnus glares at Komota while Komota looks at him unaffected by his glare, then looks back at the map> Now, this town is obviously full of civilians. And where there are civilians, there is a civilian militia. One thing we do not want to do is to have any direct combat with this militia.

Thunnus: Why not? They're bastards too. We might as well destroy that town on the way in. <shrugs>

Cutler: Sir, your grandparents live in that town! Not everybody there is on their side, they just didn't want to leave their homes!

Thunnus: So what?! <looks at Komota> Why shouldn't we fight this "militia" as you call it?

Komota: Because when your people take over that part of the island, those civilians will have to look up to you. And if you just killed a lot of them, especially when they are in their homes not involved in the battle, then your situation will not get any better from what it is now, even if you kill Benthic and whoever else is in power there.

Thunnus: .... Whatever! <Komota looks at Thunnus annoyed>

Komota: Anyway, what our mens need to do is completely avoid this militia. It should be easy to tell them apart from the actual warriors, they might be using makeshift weapons or makeshift armor, or they might be more inclined to defend their homes than chase after us. If we just avoid any conflict with them then there would be no revolts in your future. <Komota starts pointing out various spots on the map while he details his plan> Now we just need our men coming into the town through all directions possible, so their soldiers pour into the town to attack us. Amidst that chaos we need a lot of heavy hitters to attack this main gate here on the wall. Now this main gate is most likely very durable, but not perfect. With a large wooden gate like this, all we need is a good amount of men with warhammers or clubs hitting on this wall until we break through. As soon as that gate is down, we use some kind of signal, like a war horn, to inform all our men in town to stop their fighting and rush straight into the courtyard. From there, we just attack any and all forces in the palace area, subdue the enemy soldiers and capture their leader. After that we- <Thunnus angrily interrupts him>

Thunnus: Wait wait wait! You want us to capture her?! As in alive?! Why the hell would we do that?! She's the enemy! It's not like she would show me any mercy!

Komota: Exactly. <points at Thunnus with his pencil> The people of the other side most likely see us as monsters, like you see them. If we can show the people that we can come in and defeat their army then show them mercy, it will show them that we are not the bad guys. That is why we need this war to have minimal casualties.

Thunnus: Minimal?! They're our enemies! They oppose us and gotta be shown a lesson!

Komota: And that lesson is that we can be united, not separated. If we take them over by force, that plants the seeds of revolution. If we take them and kill the people they believe in they will rise against you and they will most likely kill you. This way is the way that prevents that.

Thunnus: You know what?! <Thunnus angrily reaches into his desk, pulls out a handgun and points it at Komota> Screw you! You can't just come in here and tell me how to lead My people! I'll accept your help as a soldier but you will not take over my position as a leader! <Komota removes his mop from his back, tosses it aside then puts his hands in the air> 

Cutler: Sir!

Sake: Dude Thunnus!

Komota: Shoot me then. Splatter my brains on that wall and kill me. But know that if you do, you will probably just end up rushing into that town with your warriors and Sake and get all of you killed. So shoot me, go with your plan and not mine.

<Thunnus angrily stares at Komota while Komota calmly looks back at him. Eventually, Thunnus calms down and lowers his gun while Komota smiles>

Thunnus: Okay fine whatever... this plan better work!

Komota: It will work. Now, I suggest we all get some rest before tomorrow so we can attack in the morning. Now, I will explain the plan briefly to the rest of the soldiers tomorrow before we attack. But until then, we must rest.

Thunnus: Whatever... <Thunnus remains in his chair angered>

Sake: Alright. Come on Komota, you can crash at my place, I gotta extra bed.

Komota: Thank you. <Komota picks up his mop and leaves with Sake as they walk to the barracks>

<About halfway there, Sake looks over at Komota>

Sake: Hey you think Thunnus will go with the whole plan thing?

Komota: No, that is why I will not let him anywhere near the palace. Can you help me do that Sake?

Sake: Yeah of course bud. <Sake and Komota eventually reach Sake's humble house, where they both rest in their own beds>

Meanwhile, in jail

<Tomás is dodging Ocho's punches in his cell. Both of them are rather tired from attacking and dodging each other for almost an hour. The two fishmen that captured Tomás have been watching and cheering while Tomás gets more annoyed>

Sardine Fishman: Yeah, kick his ass!

Tomás: Alright that's it! I'm gonna kill you two!

Swordfish fishman: But you can't 'cus of those handcuffs!

<Both fishman laugh while Tomás charges at them>

Tomás: Don't talk to me like that you pricks!

Ocho: Don't try!

<Ocho grabs Tomás's legs and throws him against the cell wall. Tomás falls to the ground with a thud>

Tomás: Ow damn it! That hurt!

Ocho: Now I'm gonna kill you!

<Suddenly, a large thresher shark fishman burst into the cell, yelling>

Thresher: What the hell is going on in here?!

Ocho: Oh shit.

Tomás: Door! <Tomás charges at the Thresher Fishman, ready to tackle him. The Thresher quickly grabs him by the throat and lifts him off the ground, choking him>

Thresher: Oh, you must be the human prisoner that was captured. I'm just here to make sure you're not dead. The Madame wants to see you in the morning.

Tomás: Put me down! <Tomás starts flailing around angrily while the Thresher tosses him away> Ow that's not what I meant!

Thresher: Hmph... <looks over at Ocho> Ocho... What the hell are you doing here? Where you attacking that prisoner that I'm damn sure the Madame said not to harm? <Thresher glares at Ocho>

Ocho: Oh no no of course not I was uhh... I was visiting Benthic? <Benthic looks over at him angrered>

Benthic: Bullshit!

Thresher: Wrong answer Ocho. <Thresher takes out a hook and chain and swings it at Ocho, hooking into his shoulder>

Ocho: GAHHH! <Thresher yanks Ocho towards him, then grabs him, handcuffs all of his arms and tosses him back into the cell>

Thresher: Ocho you know better than this. Now stay here. I'll let the Madame know you're in there with Benthic and the human. <Thresher turns and locks the door behind him, going back to his quarters>

Ocho: HEY LET ME OUTTA HERE! <Ocho angrily yells at the Thresher while Tomás sulks angrily in the corner>


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