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Sheru Sheru no Mi

English Name: Shell Shell Fruit
Meaning: Shell

Type: Paramecia

Power: To grow various sea shells on their body

Eaten By: Tomas H. Ells
Story / Creator: Shells


The Sheru Sheru no Mi is a Paramecia Devil Fruit that appeared in the fan fiction Shells, which was made by Lvdoomien. It was eaten by Tomás H. Ells.


The Sheru Sheru no Mi is a tubular pink and green striped fruit.


The Sheru Sheru no Mi allows the user to produce sea shells of various shapes and sizes from the user's body. The sea shells can be used as armor or weaponry and grow out of the user's pores, like hair would.


The user suffers from standard Devil Fruit weaknesses. The user is also weak to hard substances, such as metal and stone, since hard substances can shatter most sea shells.


Despite the fact that Tomás uses the same moves often, he does not name them and is actually reluctant to do so.


The original idea of this fruit was to be a Logia, until I realized that that was stupid. So now it's a Paramecia.

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