Shifuto Shifuto no Mi (lit. Shift-Shift Fruit) is a Paramecia-class Devil Fruit that allows the user to literally shift himself from where he is to anywhere else that he can both see and is no more than 30 meters away. It was eaten by Matrox Yang.


The Shifuto Shifuto no Mi is like a diamond in shape, it is black with red swirls.


The user can shift himself from one place to another as long as he can see where it is he wants to shift to and it is no more than 30 meters away. When the user does shift he suddenly disappears and reappears in the location he shifted all in a fraction of a second. It is not about super speed because you can shift through solid objects as long as you can see where you are going, so it is like you simply stop existing for a fraction of a second and then come back into existance in the place you shifted to.


The Shifuto Shifuto no Mi can be used to both attack and defend. It is handy in battle because if things get tight then you can just shift behind the enemy and stab him in the back. It also makes dodging things far easier because you can just shift away from the attack.


The user suffers from the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses. It can also be quite difficult to use because when you shift to somewhere you lose about as much energy as you would if you had sprinted there, so using it a lot can make you quite tired.


Shifuto Shifuto Behind you!- The first move used by Matrox Yang, this is where you shift behind the opponent and attack them from behind.

Shifuto Shifuto Sky Strike!- The user shifts above the enemy and attacks them while they fall on them.

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