Age: 5
Gender: Female
Species: Tiger
Blood type: ?
Birthdate: 5th July
Height: ?
Weight: ?
Island of Origin: Tora Island
Occupation: Pet
Epithet: White Tigress

Kaze Pirates

Position: Pet
Family: ?
Bounty: first bounty: 70,000,000 destroying a whole marine base by herself in a rampage
Dream: To travel the world with Maka

Shima is a very playful tiger ,but doesn't trust people that much she currently trusts all her crewmates. She protects her best friend Maka. The day she saw Kobo she grew a liking to him.


Shima is a white tiger with yellow eyes but she is still young despite being the size of a fullgrown tiger.

Abilities and powersEdit

Shima is a very powerful animal despite her size. She has super strength and speed. And as an tag-team with Maka (in her full or hybrid form) they are unbeatable. She can foresee peoples' moves with her haki.

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