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Shogon Saiko
G.Follower Shogon Saiko
Japanese Name: ショーグンセイコー
Romanized Name: Shōgunseikō
English Name: Shogon Saiko
Debut: Gin Followers vs Bucket Hat Pirates!! The War Begins Part 1
Affiliations: Gin Followers
Occupations: Bounty Hunter
Age: 35 (Debut)
Status: Alive
Birthday: July 3rd
Height: 193 cm (6'4")
Japanese VA: Jōji Nakata
Funi English VA: Troy Baker

Shogon Saiko is a Gin Follower and is best friends with Gin Castle. He is also one of Jin Saikoros rivals, but Jin bested him in a match.


He wears a red and white attire of clothes.

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