Shokki Shokki no Mi

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Japanese Name:
Japanese Kanji:
English Name: Weaver Weaver fruit
Meaning: Loom
Type: Paramecia
Power: Weave anything
Eaten By: Jessica Diabolos Capricorn
Creator: 13th madman


The Shokki Shokki no mi (loom loom fruit) Is a bizzare Paramecia Devil Fruit that allows it's user to weave anything as though it were thread by turning the user's fingers into sewing needles. It was eaten by Jessica Diabolos Capricorn.


With this fruit, Jessica is able to transform her fingers into sewing needles, which in turn cause anything they are applied to to temporarily take on the properties of thread. She can then weave and manipulate these threads, rapidly dissassembling objects and weaving them into entirely new forms if necessary. The fruit's full power, to weave with anything, means it likely has other abilities related to weaving, but if so these have yet to be discovered.


With mastery, this fruit has considerable versatility, allowing the user to manipulate many things, and construct objects easily even from otherwise hard to work with materials.


The power of the fruit only seems to affect things the user's needle-fingers make contact with, and the effects are localised. This seems to put an upper limit on the size and scale of the power's applications. Furthermore, it's application in battle is somewhat limited unless the user is physically strong, which Jessica is not. It's normal applications outside of combat would require the user to already have some knowledge of weaving or knitting, and it's potential is significantly limited without this.

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