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When one lives with snakes long enough one becomes one with them. -Sihaya


Pre Timeskip - Post Timeskip
Sihaya PosTS
Japanese Name: Sihaya
Romanized Name: Sihaya
English Name: Sihaya
First Appearance: Unknown
Affiliations: The Chrysus Pirates; Revolutionaries (for a short period of time)
Occupations: Pirate; Snake Whisperer
Epithet: Desert Whisperer (砂漠のささやき Sabaku no sasayaki?);
Japanese VA:
Age: 26 (Debut)
28 (after timeskip)
Birthday: November 29
Height: 185cm (6'1")
Bounty: Bsymbol1073,000,000
strong points:

Sihaya is a former slave from an unknown summer island. Taken away from his parents at young age and forced to work in the building of a great wall ordered by the nobility of the island to separate the high citizens from the low ones. He lived his life making sure the cargo of building material reached it's intended location.

He met a strange man once who put some revolutionary plans on his mind and opened him to the idea of overthrowing the corruption. After the meeting with the man he ran out of the all present eye of the nobility and lived in the desert devising a plan to overthrow the "high citizens" and their ultimate weapon that they used to oppress the lower citizens from committing any sort of revolution. On his stay in the dry lands he learned from bats and snakes alike and trained his vocal cords to be able to emit frequencies that affect the brain directly.

With his new weapon he set off to find the man once again, he revealed himself to be a revolutionary and that he was there to overthrow the government of that island, Sihaya then allied himself with the small group of revolutionaries present in the island and set off to overthrow the government.

Bypassing every guard with his inhuman speed and agility, he reached the secret chambers where he awakened the secret weapon used to oppress the lower citizens, a golden necklace that ate the Hebi Hebi no Mi, Model: Eden's Serpent. Using his knowledge over snakes he tamed the beast and used it to destroy the nobility from inside. In a single night Sihaya, the beast and the revolutionaries dethroned and set them to live in the deserts where they would eventually perish.

After his great conquest rumors of the great beast and it's owner spread across the sea and reached the ears of The Chrysus Pirates, they eventually reached the islands and asked Sihaya to join them, after proving their strength by battling the beast he joined them with the dream of making a truly fair government where few did, Raftel.


Sihaya was born with blood red eyes, a strange mutation in eye color that seems to have no more property from being aesthetic. His hair is always long and most times kept tied up but after the time skip he started letting it lose more often.

Being used to most temperatures cause of his experience in living in a desert he mostly always has small amounts of clothes on.

He however always carrier his golden necklace with a red gem in it. This necklace is the "eater" of the Hebi Hebi no Mi, Model: Eden's Serpent and thus efficiently making it the "Beast" he tamed.

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