Zhou Xing

Skate Rain

Skate Rain is the 16 year old doctor of the Mayhem Pirates. He and his brother used to be mercenaries. He is commonly referred to as the only nice one in his pirate crew. He is a talented doctor. Skate's bounty is 60 million, awarded for being a pirate and accompanying Seth in his quest for mass destruction.


He has blueish-grey eyes and has reddish-brown hair and a tanned skin-tone. He wears a teal shirt with yellow crests on the shoulders and his shirt also has a buttons on it. Under that shirt is a black shirt he also wears blue wrist bands. He wears a brown belt with yellow ovals on it he also wears a blue belt on top of that. He wears white pants and black boots.


He is quite carefree and goodhearted. He is kindhearted and jolly. Skate is also quite fearful sometimes but quite passionate about helping people. This is what drives him to be a doctor. He is quite timid in front of the other more reckless/dangerous crew members.

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