Pan & Skillet

Age: Pan: 27

Skillet: 28

(Post-Time skip)

Gender: ♂ (Both)
Species: Human
Blood type: ???
Birthdate: 2nd of July


Pan: 6" 0'

Skillet: 6" 2'


Pan: 170 lbs

Skillet: 182 lbs

Island of Origin: Unknown
Occupation: Bodyguards

Epithet: "The Brothers Ordour"

Crew: Bulge Island Security Forces
Position: Chiefs of Security
Family: None Known
Current Bounty: None

Bounty History

1st Bounty: None

Reason: None

Dream: To keep Order on Bulge Island
Page created by: UndeadHero

"So brother, should we kill them first or torture them?"

"It's always so difficult to decide, hmmm"

-The Ordour Brothers

Pan & Skillet Ordour are two brothers/bounty hunters that are hired to guard the body of Ruebarb Q. Fiddler. Though not much is known about them, it is known that they are incredibly deadly and strike with immense force in each strike. Skillet, being a swordsman who carries two equal longswords and Pan, being a marksman, who carries two revolving pistols customly designed by him. They are the Chiefs of Security on Bulge Island.


"Hmmm, so this is the nasty rotter that hopes to spoil our order"

"It seems so, shall we serve him justice?"

- The Ordour Brothers

Skillet, being serious and all, is seen with his blonde hair gelled back and wearing a completely back suit with a matching tie. At his sides, he carries two longswords held by his brown leather gloves and black dress shoes.

Pan, a little more laid back, is seen wearing a gray suit, with a black tie. On his side, he has two revolving pistols that he custom-made himself. He also wears a long, gray scarf and brown dress shoes.


"We did those blighters go?"

Skillet is serious, dead serious and doesn't like to lose a fight, especially to the pirates. He hates Pirates to an extreme, finding them a nuisance. He makes certain to help dispose of the bodies and even makes sure their dead by imbetting his blade into each dead victim.

Pan, on the other hand, is more laid back. Finding Pirates being free and vigorous in an almost envious way. He hates them, but not as much as his brother, he even congratulates Drake the Dragon when he is defeated by him and hopes him a safe travel on the road ahead before leaving his brother dying on the floor.

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