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Smothering Whispers Island is a large island located in the New World within the Grand Line. There are no humans on the island and it is inhabited solely by a unique group of animals who have gained human-like intelligence and the ability to walk on two legs though how they can still remains a much debated mystery. Two pirates who are known to have originated from this island are Masahi 'Senbon' Mina and Sadow Mina of the White Pirates. According to them, they themselves do not know how they gained intelligence and that the animals within the island has always had such wit for centuries.

It seems that the animals of the island possess advanced technology such as rocket-based weapons and rifles which they made themselves.

The name of the island is so because of the words of the few human sailors who landed and escaped from the island. According to them, as they went deeper into the island they began to hear whispers around like human voices. These whispers kepth growing louder and louder as they went deeper until it felt like they where being driven insane by them.

Recent information has however appropirated these whispers to the intelligent animals of the island who do this to intimidate the sailors and scare them away thus keeping their island safe from intruders.

Known InhabitantsEdit

  • Masahi 'Senbon' Mina (Monkey)
  • Sadow Mina (Grizzly Bear)

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