Hero 108 mystique sonia by dcreativ-d314fz5
Added by Black Leg Sanji
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Blood type: AB
Birthdate: October 31
Height: 5'5
Weight: 190
Island of Origin: Thriller Bark
Occupation: Pirate
Epithet: Mystic
Crew: Desperado Pirates
Position: Doctor
Family: n/a
Bounty: 144,000,000
Dream: To become the world's best female fighter


Sonia is the Doctor of the Desperado Pirates


Same as picture. Her hat is red and her dress is black. Her weird feature is her snow white skin.


She is a very sweet and loving person. She tends her medical assistance to anyone who needs it, with no questions asked. She does, however, get very angry and almost terrorfying when someone doesn't follow her orders. Especially her captain Vino.

Abilities and powersEdit

Physical PowersEdit

Has super Human speed.


Color of Armament Haki

Soul ControlEdit

She seems to be able to awaken the "soul" ,as she puts it, of an object and make it her obediant pet. She can control any object she places her hands on to make it either protect or attack. She uses this abillity to turn her seemingly harmless hat into extra set of arms for close combat. The downside of this ability is that she has to stay in contact with what she is controling to keep it alive. If she disconnects for 5 seconds or more, the object will return to it's proper state.


  • Marines:She personally doesn't hate all marines, just those of admiral rank. The Celistrial Dragons ordered an admiral to destroy all of her people when she was still a baby. With that alone she wants to make any admiral around to suffer like she did.
  • Crew:She acts like a perfect angel with the crew. They sometimes even call her "goddess". She treats her captain like an annoying little brother because of his carefree attitude. She appently gets along with Mira like a sister, except when Mira is distracting Vino from his duties.
  • Citizens:Like the Celistrial Dragons, regular people fear her because of her snow white skin. But for some reason she isn't bothered by it, instead she likes the attention.


coming soon

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