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|Age: 15

|Gender: Male

|Species: Human

|Blood type: A

|Birthdate: October 13

|Height: 5'7

|Weight: 280

|Island of Origin: Mangara Islanda

|Occupation: Pirate

|Epithet: Ink Demon

|Crew: Desperado Pirates

|Position: Navigator/Shipwright

|Family: n/a

|Bounty: 148,000,000 Devil Fruit: Inku-Inku no Mi

|Dream: To recreate the world into something more exciting.


[hide]*1 Introduction


Sosuke is the Navigator and Shipwright of the Desperado Pirates


Same as picture. Wears red kung fu pants with a red sash. Has light brown skin instead of white. Has black wings of solid ink when using his devil fruit power.


Is a very cheerful and goofy individual like his captain. Often makes a game out his battles,even if its life threatning. Loves to show off his speed around the crew and sometimes uses it to play pranks on Sonia and Mira. His signiture laugh is Sahahaha!!

Abilities and powers[4]EditEdit

Devil FriutEdit

Ink Ink Fruit

Physical Powers[5]EditEdit

Has super Human speed.


Color of Armament Haki



coming soon


coming soon

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