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Spark D. Sulfur
Manga - Anime

Spark D. Sulfur in the anime

Japanese Name: スパーク D. サルファ
Romanized Name: Supāku D. Sarufa
English Name: Spark D. Sulfur
Debut: Lougetown Battle Royal! Looking for a new crew member Part 1
Affiliations: Bucket Hat Pirates; Demon Clan (Unofficial)
Occupations: Pirate Captain
Epithet: Speed Demon (スピード狂 Supīdo Kyō?);
Bucket Hat (バケットハット Bakettohatto?)
Age: 21 (Debut)
23 (after timeskip)
Status: Alive
Birthday: October 31st
Height: 175.2cm (5'9")
Bounty: Bsymbol10320,000,000
Japanese VA: Tetsuya Kakihara
4Kids English VA: Dante Basco
Funi English VA: Christopher Daniel Barnes


"I Don't Care, I'll Defeat you Anyway."
—Spark D. Sulfur

Spark D. Sulfur is the captain of the Bucket Hat Pirates, a pirate crew from the West Blue. He is a descendant of the Demon's Blood, making him an heir to the clan. His bounty is Bsymbol10320,000,000


He is an average size, muscular young man. Sulfur wears a short sleeve zip-up jacket with a hood; he also has bandages covering his entire right arm and a tattoo that looks like the wind on his left shoulder. He wears custom-made pants with large pocket and boots. He has black wavy hair and he has red.

After his 4 year training and battle against Gin Castle, he stills wears a short sleeve hooded shirt. He wears a regular black long sleeve shirt underneath. He wears regular pants with a stitching design. Also, he rarely wears a white bucket hat with a black skeleton head design in the front that was given to him from Kuma's grandfather. When it's raining, he usually wears a trench coat that his teacher wore. He has his pistol strap to his leg and his concealed sword tied around him.

After the Timeskip, he gets a new look. He now wears his bucket hat more often. He wears a long red sleeve shirt with a gray jacket wrapped around his waist. He wears regular light gray pants and is barefoot. Both his eyes are now red. His hair grew 2 inches longer. He also grew a couple of inches taller. He also has a sword tied around him and a pistol strap to his leg. Also, his father gave him the Demon Clan Mark on his right forearm.

He most likely wears his black suit in the post-time skip. Also, created his very own and Minato's Demon Clan Outfits.


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