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Spark D. Warrior
Bobby Time Skip
Japanese Name: D.ウォリアースパーク
Romanized Name: D. U~oriāsupāku
English Name: Spark D. Warrior
Debut: Spark D. Warrior! A Story of the Past!!
Affiliations: Marine (Former)
Occupations: Marine Vice Adimral (Former)
Alias: Goldman (ゴールドマン Gōrudoman?)
Epithet: Caring Noble (ケアリングノーブル Kearingu Nōburu?)
Age: 30-58 (Before & After his retirement);
67 (Debut)
Status: Alive
Birthday: October 13th
Height: 205 cm (6'2")
Japanese VA: Takahiro Sakurai
Funi English VA: Michael Bell
Devil Fruit
Japanese Name: Gorudo Gorudo no Mi
English Name: Gold Gold Fruit
Meaning: Gold
Type: Paramecia

"I am the protector of this world, I keep everything in balance,even if it kills me!"

- Warrior talking while fighting the beast on Demon Island.

Spark D. Warrior is a former Vice-Admiral of the Marines and the creator of settlements on Demon Island.


He wore an Admiral Marine outfit before he disappeared. Has brown hair and after retiring establishing the settlement on Demon Island, he would wear yukata-like outfit.

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During the events on capturing Gold Rogers, Warrior and a couple of Marine ships, go and hunt down Whitebeard. When he and his crew found Whitebeard, everyone but Warrior was killed. Warrior and Whitebeard would fight for days when they would confront with each other. The last time they met, they made a truce that they will not encounter each other anymore. Whitebeard gave him a dinghy to leave. Couple of months later, he found and ate the Gorudo Gorudo no Mi that he found on an island he was stranded on. 20 years later after his rescue, he decides to resign and left the marines by stealing a ship.

Within three months, he gets stranded out at sea again and during that time he would fish for food. He then saw an island, and swims for it. Within 6 years on the island, he established a home and town for people live in, the population would rise from 5 to 78. As well within the 6 years, Warrior would star a relationship with Thor D. Almighty and would give birth to his twin sons. 2 years after, He over hears rumors of a demonic creature attacking citizens when entering the forest. He would take the responsibility to find this monster and subdue it. He would find it and challenge it to a battle which lasted for 3 days. Both would later become friends and the creature would allow the people to enter the forest; which holds the grave of his master, Arthor Demon.

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