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"I'm not the Ancient Fighter anymore... I'm the Ancient King!!!"
— Spike's declaration of him becoming Pirate King after the time skip, before knocking back an opponent with a heavy punch


Post-Time Skip Spike

2 - Ancient Fighter - Spike - First Mate


Japanese Name: スパイク
Romanized Name: Supaiku
English Name: Spike
First Appearance: One Dream: Voyage 5
Affiliations: Spike's Soldiers;
The Jolly Pirates; Shitenno
Occupations: Gang Leader (former); Pirate; First Mate
Epithet: Spike Ass (スパイクのお尻 Supaiku o Shiri?);
Pet (ペット Petto?);
Lizard (トカゲ Tokage?);
Ancient Fighter (古代の戦闘機 Kodai Sentōki?);
Yankee (ヤンキー Yankī?);
Boss (兄貴 Aniki?);
Street Punk (ストリートパンク Sutorīto Panku?)
Japanese VA: Daisuke Ono
Funi English VA: Travis Willingham
Age: 20 (Debut)
22 (after timeskip)
Birthday: April 22nd (Earth Day)
Height: 175cm (5'9")
Bounty: Bsymbol1030,000,000
strong points:
Devil Fruit
Japanese Name: Dino Dino no Mi, Model: Kentrosaurus
English Name: Dino-Dino Fruit, Model: Kentrosaurus
Meaning: Dinosaur
Type: Ancient Zoan

Spike (スパイク Supaiku) is a former leader of a street gang from Sabaody Archipelago, known as Spike's Soldiers. He's also the first mate of The Jolly Pirates. He is the first person to join the crew, and the second member in general. Due to a mix of his naturally large reserves of strength and his Devil Fruit, the Dino Dino Fruit, Model: Kentrosaurus, Spike is highly acknowledged for being the most physically powerful member of the crew. He's also unique amongst The Jolly Pirates because of his dream; to become Pirate King by finding the late Gol D. Roger's famous treasure, the One Piece. The reason he pursues the One Piece seems to be because of his definitive addiction towards danger and excitement. And it is for this reason that he has gotten his captain and the rest of the crew involved in the search for the legendary treasure.

Due to his reckless exploits, and his affiliation with The Jolly Pirates, Spike has gained a reputation in the pirating world for being violent, strong, and dangerous. Actions such as threatening a World Noble and nearly destroying the Human Auctionioning House have gained him a Bsymbol30,000,000 bounty. Likewise, he has gained various admirers, both in and outside his crew, and has drawn attention from like-minded rivals.


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After two years had passed, Spike seems to still retain the same physical build he previously had before, though now he's somewhat more defined. His spiky, blonde hair is still spiky and blonde, although it seems to have become somewhat shorter now, and is slightly pointed forward. In the back, Spike's hair grew out, and is now tied into a long, spiky tail that hugs the nape of his neck, and falls in between his shoulders. Spike, after the Time Skip, now typically wears a black tank-top with "No. 1" (Number 1) written on it as a decal in white, with the 1 placed on top of the No. (Number.) This leaves the SS (Spike's Soldiers) tattoo on his left shoulder visible. On his wrists, Spike has taken to wearing black, studded bands. The studs are actually three rows of encircling, decorative spikes, thus adding to his tough guy attitude and appearance. Spike now also wears dark brown trousers, and black boots that are usually covered by the ends of his trousers.

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