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Stanley is a Marine Commodore who is in constant pursuit of Jackson Gunn and the Steel Rod Pirates. He was stationed at the Marine Base on Filadelpia.


Stanley is an average height, and a little plump man. He has short, black, graying hair and black muttonchops that connects to his mustache. He wears a white double breasted suit, with gold buttons, adorned with various medals, with a red shirt underneath and a yellow tie. He also wears white pants and black shoes. He is also often seen sporting a white safari hat with the marine symbol on it and carrying a red steel parasol. He also wears a marine jacket draped on his shoulders.


Though Commodore Stanley is confident in his abilities, yet he frequently relies on the power of persuasion and trickery. He does this because, though he is strong, he has cowardly tendencies. He does not take any pride in that, and often dwells on this sad truth late in the night. He has been known to fall asleep during his duties, since he couldn't fall asleep the past night for a lie he told, or a trick he pulled, even if it was for the sake of justice. He is also a little dimwitted, in that he takes great pride even in the smallest accomplishments, many of which he himself had no part in. He also tends to uphold moral justice, rather than absolute justice.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Stanley is extremely physically strong, to the point of having superhuman strength and endurance. Proof can be found in the parasol he carries with him. While it looks like a simple parasol, it is actually made completely out of steel and weighs 50 lbs. It also has a concealed blade at its tip. He has also been known to use his fists when provoked.


Stanley has been a marine most of his life. He grew in rank and became the head of the Marine Base on Filadelpia. During his time on Filadelpia, he has captured numerous crimials. His methods of capture were usually under the guise of some sort of competition or festival. His most recent scheme was during a monthly festival, where he anonymously sponsored a fighting competition open to anyone with a reward of Bsymbol100,000,000. The plan was to lure strong outlaws into the tournament, and as they were defeated, they were arrested.


  • Penzance

    George Rose as Major General Stanely in the 1980 version of The Pirates of Penzance

    Stanley is based on one of Gilbert and Sullivan's most memorable character, Major General Stanley from The Pirates of Penzance, and is designed after George Rose, who portrayed him in the 1983 movie adaptation. For a sample of Major General Stanley visit:

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