Steel Rod Pirates Jolly Roger

Steel Rod Pirates Jolly Roger

The Steel Rod Pirates is a pirate crew originated from North Blue and lead by Jackson Gunn.

Professions and CapabilitiesEdit

Name Profession Capabilities Epithet
Jackson Gunn
  • Captain
  • Steel Rod
Oliver Saga
  • First Mate
  • Historian
  • Swordsman
  • Master Swordsman
  • Extremely knowlegeable
  • Lore Hunter
Sebastian Harper
  • Navigator
  • Djinn
Kate Lacrima
  • Doctor
  • Axe Wielder
  • Expert Doctor
  • Peach Sake
Burton Alexander
  • Assassin
  • Martial Artist
  • Green Flash
Mia Ceara
  • Cook
  • Knife User
  • Whip User
  • Ball Buster
Randall Claymore
  • Sharpshooter
  • Gunner
  • Craftsman
  • Expert Marksman
  • Master Craftsman
  • Crack Shot
George Claymore
  • Shipwright
  • Fisticuffs Specialist
  • Master Carpenter
  • Destroyer
Orpheus Marauder
  • Musician
  • Master Musician
  • Fencing Expert
  • Requiem
Quinn Robinson
  • Apprentice
Robert Bors
  • Scientist
  • Biologist
  • Swordsman
  • Pharmacist
  • Extreme Intelligence
  • Ranger
  • Sword
  • Pet
  • Swordpecker


The Iliad is a galleon with a horse as a figurehead.


Jackson Gunn- To become Pirate King

Oliver Saga- To learn the origins of the world, To compile a book of the world's myths and legends

Sebastian Harper- To meet Monkey D. Dragon and learn the objective of the Revolutionary Army

Kate Lacrima- To find the best sake in the world, To create medicine that can cure any ailment

Burton Alexander- To become the world's greatest martial artist

Mia Ceara- To compile a cook book of the world's delicacies

Randall Claymore- To gain self confidence in his abilities

George Claymore- To find the finest cigars in the world, To become a great warrior

Orpheus Marauder- To compose the world's greatest piece of music

Quinn Robinson- To become a great pirate

Robert Bors- To catalog the animals and plants of the world


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