Stephen Vegapunk

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Age: 27

29(after time skip)

Gender: male
Species: human
Blood type: AB+
Height: 1,75 m
Weight:65 kg
Island of Origin: unkown
Epithet: Rebel Genious
Crew: Ameba pirates
Position:second mate/cientist of the Ameba pirates
Family:Dr. Vegapunk (uncle)
Current Bounty: 238 million
Dream: Adquire knowledge by seeing the world first hand
Page created by: Marijuanna


Stephen Vegapunk is the rebel nephew of Dr. Vegapunk, he broke free of the governament because he didn't want to be stuck on a island researching, insted he wants to see as much of the world as he can, and thats why he joined the Ameba pirates and quickly became second mate as well as the second largest bountie on the crew.


Vegapunk is a slim mid-sized man, his black hairs fall down to his shoulders and he wears goggles on the top of his forehead. He wears black pants and a very tidy shirt, also always have a backpack with him.


Abilities and PowersEdit

Fighting Style and AttributesEdit

He has some skills in hand to hand combat which are aided by his knowlegde of the human body, that he uses to hit critical points enhencing damage, pain or even paralyzing limbs. But his greatest attribute is his intelligence, nephew of the smartest man alive Stephen has one of the highest IQ on the world, and uses it to draw brilliant battle plans with ease.


  He has two hidden guns on his backpack, the guns are controled through a device that settles on his head and have no need to be held or triggered, it works according to vegapunk's will which only makes it more accurate. The gun that fires from above his left shoulder is a mini gun (rotating machine gum), and the one on the right shoulder is a laser beam, it's very powerfull however it can only be fired once a minute since it needs to power up.

   His backpack also provides armor pieces which he uses for battle. Vembrasses with hidden weapons, the right arm throws a eletrified net, and the left arm has a small sword. A chest piece can be asembled on his torax for protection, and in his leg a device with tiny but powerfull propulsion for underwater swimming.

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