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Abilities and PowersEdit

As a captain of Jester Pirates , Subarashii is the strongest fighter in the Jester Pirates.He have immense physical strength,capable of breaking stones,shattering steels and move building with his brute strength alone.


Snapshot 20110303 1
Age: 16(pretimeskip)18(posttimeskip)
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Blood type: DQ
Birthdate: 4th July
Height: 1,85 cm
Weight : 81kg
Island of Origin: Flashy Island,South Blue
Occupation: Pirate
Epithet: Jester
Crew: (Bonney Pirates),Jester Pirates
Position :Swordsman/musician
Family: Carny Family
Bounty: 88,888,000
Dream :To be known as the undefeated.Not even the pirate king can defeat

Subarashii immense physical strength probably come from doing strange and extreme chores for former Kuja Warrior and ex CP9 agent/trainer,3 old hag(Rita,Sable and Trish) and Mrs.Hairyarm respectively.His chores including,catching fierce animals(seakings,grizzlybear,huge crocodiles),collecting protection money from every organisation,shops in the island and stealing weapons from pirates or marine coming to the island.His incredible strength is further help with his skills in swordfighting and rokushiki.

He have amazing feats of agility,endurance and awareness which reflexes to match his strength.In fact his already have quick agilty even before mastering soru.A feat in which he shown when he pickpocket large number of tourist in Mrs.Hairyarms' carnival in a single minute.His endurance was tested also at a very young age when he fought against Daz Bonez.Despite being heavily wounded by Daz Bonez,he still manage to stand up and attacked Daz Bonez before collapsing from Daz Bonez block and kick.Subarashii's awareness is shown through out his fight.He evade,blocked and dodge the attacks easily.

Despite all the superhuman ability he have,he is easily forget things.It's probably the reason why his bounty doesn't match the supernovas bounty of 100,000,000 million or more.In one occation he single handedly give a beatdown to a marine warship with a vice admiral in the ship but stop his beating as he forgets why was he there.A lot of times his bounty could have been raised if he is not being too forgetful.Easily he could be the 12th rookie supernovas,as he reached Sabondy Archipelogo the same time as the eleven supernovas did.He is also a musician capable of playing any musical instrument.He carry around a shakuhachi flute which he keep in his inside his coat.He usually plays the flute when their out of their ship.Even though at times he might took other instrument from the other musician in the Jester Pirates.In the ships he usually play the piano.



He hold two katanas which was given from his sensei. One is call Black Swan and 5 Flogs Jumping.

Devil FruitEdit



He isn't known to have haki but have seen to know something before hand. In that sense he seems to have Kenboshoku Haki. It's unknown if 3 old hag teaches oabout Kuja Haki but there some instances which he seems to know Busōshoku Haki.

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