Suika Suika no Mi
Japanese Name: スイカスイカの実
English Name: Watermelon Watermelon Fruit
Meaning: Hydration
First Appearance: The Rise and Fall of Svalbard Kyle and the Nebuchadnezzar Pirates, Chapter 17
Type: Paramecia
Eaten by: Svalbard Kyle

The Suika Suika no Mi is a Paramecia-Type Devil Fruit that gives the user the ability to control their sweat glands and pores, controlling a near-limitless supply of a pure water-type liquid. This essentially makes the user a Watermelon Human It was originally a treasure that Borghan Cole took from a Marine vessel before he gave it to and was eaten by Svalbard Kyle.

Etymology Edit

Appearance Edit

This Devil Fruit has a very unqiue appearance as the surface is unmarked with any of the distinctive swirls that a normal Devil Fruit has and instead resembles a large kiwi with its hairs swirling similar to every other natural devil fruit. Like regular kiwis, the outside skin can be eaten. The insides also resemble those of a regular kiwi.

Strengths and Weaknesses Edit

Strengths Edit

The fruit’s major strength, as demonstrated by Svalbard Kyle, is its ability to control their sweat glands and pores to release whenever they want. The user’s regular sweat is mostly replaced by a substance that is non-salty and similar to pure water and is seemingly in endless supply. The user’s pores are capable of holding vast quantities of this liquid without stress or adverse change to the user’s shape and mass, and expel it at any rate the user chooses, from merely pooling and dripping like real sweat to blasting forward at rates equal to and greater than high-class water cannons.

The user can control the sweat after it leaves the pores to cover the body and become limb enhancers to increase the reach and impact of attacks, but only as the user’s skin is still in contact with it. The user's sweat glands instantly and involuntarily release a small amount of sweat if the skin is struck by something not expected by the user, softening the blow of some attacks. The user is also unable to be found by scent, as the sweat has no scent and can mask their body scent if they want. Lastly, the user has a much higher hydration rate than other humans, capable of living without drinking for much longer.

Before the time-skip, Kyle was capable of creating blasts of sweat from his hand equaling to twenty tons per square inch, easily washing away people away in one burst. He could concentrate the blast into a smaller jet of sweat smaller than the diameter of his fingertip to increase its piercing power. Kyle is only able to use his sweat on uncovered skin, as his clothing would be soaked if he tried on clothed skin.

After the time-skip, Kyle is capable of changing the state of his sweat with a new technique known as State Shift, where he can change the liquid’s state from solid, liquid, or gas to another of the three or a hybrid of two states at will. When solid, the sweat starts off as a liquid-like gel before quickly hardening into a crystal with enormous durability and resistance to damage. The sweat boils at the same temperature of water but can turn to into a misty vapor at any temperature. With these changes, Kyle can now use more battle tactics. He can also move his sweat pores wherever he wants on his body, pooling them in one spot to make his techniques more effective. He can now blast sweat at pressures up to four hundred tons, easily obliterating steel. He can now use his sweat anywhere on his body, as he can create a super thin, nearly unseen layer of sweat crystal over his entire body to prevent being soaked all while allowing the sweat to pool freely on the crystal’s surface. He also no longer needs his sweat to touch him to use it, and can instead manipulate his sweat by connection to his skin via razor-thin tendrils. He can also imbue Busoshoku Haki into his sweat and sweat glands to increase the power of his attacks.

It is revealed that Kyle cannot apply his Devil Fruit powers to his eyes, as he will merely excrete normal tears from his tear ducts instead. However, the sweat does not affect his eyes negatively and his eyes can be protected by sweat crystal.

This sweat, due to being non-salty, can be drunk like normal water by the user or others as a means to remain hydrated in dry places. However, most will find this disgusting as it is still considered sweat. It can also be used as a water substitute for other means, such as cleaning and keeping cool. His sweat, despite having a composition and taste of regular water, has a completely different molecular structure and cannot conduct electricity.

Weaknesses Edit

The greatest weaknesses this fruit has relates to its power itself. Despite seeming endless, the user does have a limit to how much sweat they can produce at one time. Kyle once stated before the time-skip that the maximum amount of sweat he probably has at one time was about enough liquid to fill a circular lake thirty miles in diameter and 500 feet deep. After a vast quantity of sweat is expelled, the user will begin to dehydrate the more they overtax themselves. If the user surpasses their limit of superhuman sweat, they will begin to sweat normal salty sweat, which while can be used for attacks, is extremely limited and much weaker in comparison. Once the overtaxed sweat is reached and used up, the user will die within an hour if they aren’t given medical treatment. If the user does recover, they will be unable to use their regular sweat until it replenishes itself, which takes about two to five hours depending on the user’s exhaustion. Fire or heat-based Devil Fruit users can evaporate the sweat, minimizing or erasing its effectiveness in combat

Another weakness is when the user first eats the fruit. After consumption and its powers manifesting, the user will sweat profusely until their powers stabilize. If the user is unable to control this sweating episode, they will become overtaxed and eventually die. Also, it soaks the user constantly and leaves them fatigued meanwhile.

Despite being a liquid, this sweat strangely has free oxygen molecules inside of it. If a target is engulfed in this sweat, they will not drown even if the sweat is breathed in, due to it evaporating and only oxygen being taken in. They will also not lose their powers and can continue to fight as normal.

Also, the user must have skin available in order to use their abilities, meaning that skin that is cut, burned, scraped, etc. cannot produce sweat as the sweat glands are injured or completely nonexistent. Fortunately, bruised skin can produce sweat, so bruised skin is unaffected by this shortcoming.

Asides from this, the user is also affected by the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.

Usage Edit

This Devil Fruit's abilities have been used in various ways by Kyle, ranging from keeping himself cool during hot days and being used to keep decks and windows clean to being used in combat to knock back and wash away opponents and even increase his speed through propulsion. He has developed his State Shift ability to change his sweat from a pure water-like liquid to a crystalline solid and a misty vapor and in-between. When he isn't fighting, Kyle uses his sweat to propel the ship like an engine, as long as he isn't overtaxed. He can also use his sweat as a refreshing drink, though people shrink away from it because of its initial purpose.

There is a running gag in the series that when someone asks Kyle what his Devil Fruit power is and will become disgusted when Kyle explains its mechanics. However, after seeing what Kyle is capable of, that person understands its uses and benefit but will still call it nasty.

Techniques Edit

Kyle usually names his techniques after something based on water or something related to water or pressure. Some techniques are named other structures nearby water.

Pre-Timeskip Edit

  • Pressure Blast: The first attack Kyle used after controlling his powers and his signature technique. Kyle compresses a large quantity of sweat in the pores of his forearm before quickly channeling them to the pores to his palms and expelling them in a large, concentrated blast. The blast is powerful enough to knock regular-sized humans down and push larger foes back. It could also blast holes into concrete. Kyle could shoot this blast toward the ground to propel him into the air as a means to escape attacks or survey the surrounding area. It has a more powerful form known as Pressure Blast Black that is embued with Busoshoku Haki, making it at least four times stronger than before.
  • Dual Pressure Blast: A variation of the Pressure Blast Technique where Kyle uses both hands to fire a Pressure Blast from each hand. This technique can be used to attack groups of enemies or add more power to a single Pressure Blast. There is a stronger version of the technique known as the Dual Pressure Blast Black, that is embued with Busoshoku Haki.
  • Pressure Cannon: An advanced, two handed version of the technique above. The technique is used the same way as the Dual Pressure Blast, except Kyle channels more sweat into his glands and he presses both hands at the heel of his palms to merge the two blasts into one larger torrent. The resulting blast is powerful enough to knock down groups of marines and even knock a giant off of his feet. There is a stronger version of this attack known as Pressure Cannon Black, in which Busoshoku Haki is added, making its destructive power eight times stronger than before.
  • Geyser Knuckle: An attack where Kyle floods his hand with sweat and compresses it until a fist-like mass of liquid settles around his own. Upon punching his target, the knuckles of the fist explode outward to deal additional damage. After mastering Density Shift, he can use this technique as simple gloves to increase punching damage. It has a more powerful version known as Midnight Strike, where the sweat is embued with Busoshoku Haki to increase its damage.
  • Iron Shin Roundhouse: A legged version of the Geyser Knuckle, where Kyle coats his leg in a thick band of sweat before delivering a forward spinning roundhouse kick to the target, in which the band explodes upon impact to increase damage. He can also use the bands as mere kicking enhancers without having them explode impact. There is a stronger version called Black Steel Takedown, which uses Busoshoku Haki.
  • Lapis Laser: An attack where Kyle fires a beam of concentrated sweat, similar to a water jet cutter, which could pierce steel and concrete without the need of an abrasive material. At first, it wasn't very powerful from far distances, but Kyle made it stronger through training. He later makes a more powerful version using Busoshoku Haki, known as Obsidian Laser, which could now affect even Logia Devil Fruit users.
  • Laser Blade: A follow-up to the Lapis Laser attack, in which Kyle swings the water jet to simulate a sword swinging. This attack can be used to slice up opponents and obstacles and is nearly unnoticible due to how narrow the water jet is. Despite being empowered with Busoshoku Haki, the enhanced attack is still called the Laser Blade.
  • Rocket Fist: Kyle throws a normal punch, but not only is his fist protected by bands of concentrated sweat, but the pores in his hands release sweat backward at such a rate, it shoots his fist forwards at a breakneck speed. The liquid on his knuckles protects them from breaking from impact with the target. However, Kyle is victim to propelling in a straight line uncontrollably. He learns to control this through training and can shift his velocity by making his pores shoot in an altering direction.
  • Density Shift: This is a form of Life Return used by Kyle to strengthen his attacks without using more sweat. After understanding the concept of Life Return in relation to his sweat glands and pores, by gathering more sweat in his pores and concentrating their molecules closer together, Kyle claps his hands and changes his sweat into a superfluid beyond the capacity of his normal superhuman sweat. This sweat is significantly higher in surface tension and weight, nearly matching the state of solid materials without losing fluidity. His body is unchanged and allows him ease of use. Kyle can make his attacks much heavier in impact while using the same amount of sweat as a normal attack and his sweat turns dark blue instead of being translucent blue to indicate the change. For example, his normal Pressure Cannon attack merely attempts to wash opponents away or push them back. With Density Shift, the Pressure Cannon now inflicts concussive damage upon impact and can carry targets with its momentum. His attacks can also punch through regular water without mixing or slowing down as his sweat is now heavier than water and it deflects water molecules off of its surface. After the timeskip, Kyle is seemingly able to activate Density Shift instaneously without having to concentrate.
  • Maelstrom Knuckle: This is a Density Shift-enhanced variation of the Geyser Knuckle attack. After forming a normal Geyser Knuckle, Kyle spins his fist in a circular motion until the liquid fist becomes a spinning torrent. Upon impact, the torrent explodes and sends the target spinning away with added impact damage. After the timeskip, Kyle does not need to spin his wrist as he can use Wire Tendrils with his free hand to spin the liquid.
  • Poseidon's Spray: Kyle gathers a few droplets of sweat in his palms before flinging them at his target. Upon impact, the droplets expand to their full size of about a meter in size each, dealing massive impact damage. This technique has a more powerful variant known as Poseidon Cannon Spheres, which are imbued with Busoshoku Haki to increase their power.
  • Oceanic Hover: Kyle launches an intense stream of sweat from the soles of his feet and maintains them. The result is being able to hover in the air and move faster, similar to a jet-pack. He needs to be barefoot in order to use this technique, or else his shoes will be either blocking his way or blasted into pieces by the initial blast. However, as this technique requires a constant stream of sweat, it is faster to tire him out.
  • Flying Knee: This is a follow up attack to the Oceanic Hover and later the Jetstream Hover. Using the propulsion and momentum from the Oceanic or Jetstream Hover, Kyle delivers a knee attack to an opponent. Kyle can also apply sweat to his knee to increase damage and even solidify it to increase potency or create a spike to skewer targets.
  • Liquid Gauntlet: This technique is Kyle's basic defensive technique in fights. Kyle channels a large amount of sweat on his wrist to create a barrier that goes around his entire forearm or both forearms if needed. The water pressure and tension of the band is usually enough to either soften physical attacks or halt them entirely. The gauntlets can even be made at incredible speeds after a while. Eventually, this defense alone wasn't enough, so Kyle developed Blackguard, which strengthens the gauntlets with Busoshoku Haki to make them more durable.
  • Cambrian: Kyle's most powerful technique before the time-skip. Kyle gathers as much sweat as he can into one hand before it settles and resembles a gauntlet with Devil Fruit swirls on them. He then punches the target to create a massive blast of water rivaling the power of a waterfall that can flood large areas. The attack is capable of leveling four floors of a Marine building and sending its ruins flying hundreds of meters. It is stated that afterward, Kyle is rendered weakened by the effort and nearing severe dehydration, even though he used several sweat techniques before this one. After the time-skip, he can use it at least twice without adverse effects and can move his sweat glands to one arm to speed up its creation. Its name comes from the Cambrian Period, where there was an "explosion" of life on Earth, mostly within the sea.

Post-Timeskip Edit

  • State Shift: This is Kyle's newly created combat technique after training at Hell's Extremes for two years to improve his grasp on his abilities. With this ability, he is capable of changing the physical state of his sweat from solid (Solidification), liquid (Liquefaction), and vapor (Evaporation) through rapidly expanding and contracting the concentration of his molecules through Life Return in his sweat glands. Upon mastery of this technique, he can shift his sweat from one state to the other at will. He can also expel his sweat from any of the three states. The states are not affected by temperature, so Kyle cannot be burned of frozen by the rapid changes. He can tie Density Shift into these abilities to increase effectiveness. This ability is more of a transformation than a single technique. As such, it stresses his sweat glands more and requires adequate recovery before using it again.
  • Vapor Bomb: This is an escape technique Kyle created for quick escapes. Kyle creates a liquid sphere and solidifies the outside while evaporating the inside before tossing it. Upon impact, the brittle crystal surface shatters and a vast quantity of misty vapor explodes outward. The cloud can cover vast distances and can completely conceal the appearance of those inside.
  • Blast Shot: Kyle gathers a vast amount of sweat on his hand and fires it at an opponent in the shape of a fist with a blast of compressed steam. The projectile alone can cause significant impact damage as well as explode for additional damage. Kyle can shoot multiple projectiles to overwhelm opponents or attack groups. It has a version called Blast Shot Black where it is strengthened with Busoshoku Haki.
  • Jetstream Hover: This is an updated version of the Oceanic Hover. Kyle creates a large band of sweat around his ankles before converting most of it to steam and fires off the steam to enable him to hover, firing off any extra stream through his pores. This technique can be used under his clothing and he can keep his shoes on. However, since this technique uses State Shift and constantly uses sweat, it can tire him out faster.
  • Megaton Hammer: Kyle covers his hand and forearm in a gauntlet of sweat crystal that slowly expands and lengthens until it is large and heavy, usually multiple times larger than himself. Kyle then uses its weight and momentum to deliver a powerful physical blow, in which the weapon usually shatters upon use for further damage. The resulting strike is powerful enough to decimate a marine battleship in one blow. There is a Busoshoku Haki-enhanced version called Tyrant's Hammer, which can affect Logia Devil Fruit users. However, the gauntlet is very heavy and requires great strength and stamina, leaving Kyle to its mercy if he is too exhausted to lift it. Also, its shattering comes from lacking enough control to fully strengthen the entire structure's integrity.
  • Hammer Gauntlet: This is a smaller yet more versatile version of the Megaton Hammer. Kyle uses the same method to create the Megaton Hammer or Tyrant's Hammer, but limits its size to about half the length of his body. As such, the technique is quicker to use and is less heavy. Also, Kyle enhances the durability of the technique, which makes it capable of withstanding multiple impacts and works as a fist augmentation. Kyle can also use Twin Hammer Gauntlet, where he can create one gauntlet on each arm.
  • Lattice Skin: This is a basic technique Kyle created to supplement the use of his powers. He covers his clothing in a thin layer of sweat crystal. This crystal prevents liquid sweat from soaking Kyle's clothing as well as breath liquid sweat through it, so he can generate sweat wherever he wants.
  • Jade Pearl: This is an advanced version to the Lattice Skin. Kyle covers his body in a thick layer of sweat crystal, including a thinner layer on his eyes. This layer of crystal is surprisingly strong and light, enabling Kyle to absorb the impact of most physical attacks and some Devil Fruit abilities. However, an attack infused with Busoshoku Haki can easily shatter it. To counter this, Kyle developed the Onyx Suit, which infuses the skin with Busoshoku Haki to increase its effectiveness. If he needs extra defensive power, he can use the Onyx Suit Version 2, which adds more sweat crystal but its weight increases to slow him down.
  • Missile Fist: Kyle creates a gauntlet of sweat crystal on his arm and launches it with a blast of steam. The steam blast propels the projectile at great speed and the rapidly-spinning gauntlet itself can travel far without slowing down and is powerful enough to blast through concrete walls and snap bones. There are several variations to this technique such as Poseidon Missile, which creates a larger projectile, Dual Missile, in which Kyle uses the technique with two hands, and Missile Array, in which Kyle creates a "launcher" on his arm that fires multiple smaller projectiles that deal less damage. When empowered with Busoshoku Haki, the projectiles hit harder and fly faster, and all have Black at the end of their names.
  • Wire Tendril: This is a supplementary technique Kyle created to get the most out of his sweat in many situations. He can connect a thin stream of sweat to a larger pool of it to control the liquid after it leaves his body. This wire can also transmit high quantities of sweat through it and multiple wires can be created to magnify this process and provide greater control. This technique is made unconsciously and doesn't need to be charged. However, if the threads are cut or the liquid is out of the wires' range, Kyle can no longer control the sweat.
  • Rising Seawall: Kyle lays a pool of sweat in front of him and uses it and connected sweat wires to quickly erect a crystal wall in front of him. This technique is useful for intercepting larger attacks or attacks too fast to dodge. There is an advanced version called Poseidon Gate, which is imbued with Busoshoku Haki and can withstand stronger attacks. Kyle eventually can create either wall by stomping into the ground and creating an underground well of sweat for faster use.
  • Vortex Heel: Kyle gathers a large mass of sweat at his ankle and settles it around his foot. He then jumps into the air and spins rapidly until the liquid is spinning around his heel and he executes an axe kick on the target or the ground. Upon impact, a large blast of swirling liquid races outward, knocking down any surrounding targets or objects without strong foundations. Anyone unlucky enough to be under the axe kick or in the immediate radius suffers extreme damage. Kyle can use a standing, non-spinning version of this attack called Wave Impact, but it is only about half as strong and ferocious as the other technique.
  • Pressure Shock: Kyle channels and compresses a large amount of sweat into a small sphere in front his fist, much more than when he uses the Geyser Knuckle. Upon punching an opponent, the point releases a massive amount of compressed water at a tiny point, causing a devastating shockwave that races through the opponent and fires out behind them as a narrow blast before launching them away. This allows Kyle to inflict extreme damage to opponents in a single hit and obliterate strong objects much larger than himself. However, this technique takes a long time to build up even with the Wire Tendril technique and can only be used once before having to recharge it, making it more useful as a finishing move than a successive attack.
  • Cambrian Laser: Kyle channels a vast quantity of sweat into his fingertip and fires a beam of liquid at his opponent, similar to the original Lapis Laser. However, the beam is actually multiple instances of the Wire Tendril spiralling around each other. Upon impact, the wires erupt from the impact site as a massive torrent of liquid that can level fortified structures in one hit. This technique is similar in power to the Cambrian technique and enables Kyle to use it's destructive potential at a distance. This attack takes some time to charge and a considerable amount of sweat to use however.
  • Dark Cambrian: This is currently Kyle's most powerful and most risky technique. Kyle nearly all of his sweat to his dominant arm, similar to the original Cambrian. However, he shifts near every sweat gland in his body to that arm to speed up the process. He then channels Busoshoku Haki into his sweat glands directly to empower his sweat even further. After a bit of preparation, Kyle creates a black gauntlet of liquid with sea green symbols and white edges. The symbols are sweat ready to Phase Shift into crystal while the edges are concentrated steam. He then uses one layer of steam to quickly close in on his opponent, the steam propelling him at a rapid speed. He then uses the second steam layer to punch the opponent at such a rate it causes a sonic boom. Upon impact, the gauntlet detaches from Kyle and propels the opponent forward with the third layer of sweat. The gauntlet changes shape into a sphere and the designs branch onto the target and crystallizes to prevent their escape. Once the opponent collides with an object that they can't pass through, or after enough time has passed, the sphere explodes with enough force, steam and liquid is sent outward far distances. The explosion itself is powerful enough to blow the tops off mountains. After unleashing the technique, Kyle is so dehydrated his body is emaciated and he is unable to move, though he remains standing in a defensive stance to continue his fight. If he is left untreated afterwards, his internal organs will shut down and he will die. This technique pushes him to the absolute brink of death from dehydration and he vowed to never use it again unless his life and dream were on the line. Also, after recovering, Kyle is unable to use State Shift properly for about a week or two as his sweat crystal is brittle and slow to solidify and the vapor cannot form at all. The only time he has used it so far was to defeat Pincer Ivan and receive the arrow of the Sphere of Enlightenment.
  • Flash Shift: This is an advanced version of State Shift that Kyle created in order to overcome having to resort to using the Dark Cambrian in tougher battles. This enables him to finally skip the liquid phase to go from solid to vapor and vice versa. He can also absorb his sweat to restore his hydration and some of his energy. This transformation also increases Kyle's initial speed, strength, and durability to levels beyond normal. Even his Busoshoku Haki-enhanced normal attacks pale in comparison to those used in conjunction with this technique. Lastly, the designs are reservoirs of sweat infused with Busoshoku Haki, which Kyle calls Flash Tattoos, which allows him to use the full capacity of his abilities without overexerting himself as well form a protective layer more powerful than the Onyx Skin V2. However, this technique has a base usage timer of seven minutes. After the countdown is over, the sweat glands involved forcibly shut down, causing shooting pain and hypersensitivity to impacts to his skin and moderate exhaustion. He is also unable to use his powers for about three minutes afterward. These effects can be bypassed if the technique is ceased before the countdown is reached. However, Kyle will have to fight without it for at least three hours before the initial timer starts to restore the countdown. If activated again before then, the countdown timer will continue from wherever it left off. If he forces himself to activate the technique after it shuts itself down, though it will work, his sweat glands and muscles will react more painfully than before with a reduced initial timer of three minutes. If used a third time after the second shut down, the timer will start at just one minute and the pain will be excruciating. After the third shutdown, Kyle will lose consciousness.
  • Flash Reservoir: This technique enables Kyle to activate Flash Shift. Kyle clasps his hands together and uses Busoshoku Haki to hyper-stimulate his sweat glands and pores all over his body. This supercharges half of his sweat glands while leaving the other half to gather energy, causing dark blue sea wave-like patterns to appear on his shoulders, arms, upper back, and legs. This also heightens his strength, speed, durability, and situational awareness.
  • Dual-Headed Hydra: This is Kyle's first ability after activating Flash Shift. Kyle channels the sweat into his Flash Tattoos to dark blue vapor and the vapor manifests itself out of the tattoos on his shoulders to resemble the neck and head of two serpents with giant horns as well as create a vapor trail behind him resembling a tail. The vapor is stabilized and cannot be blown away and doesn't fully evaporate or condensate without his conscious thought of it. The heads can quickly solidify to protect Kyle from attacks or attack in turn.
  • Sea Hydra's Horns: Kyle punches at his opponent and the Hydra's head on the punching arm's shoulder solidifies and strikes the target instead horns first. Due to being reinforced with Busoshoku Haki and having immense water pressure, this attack is strong enough to send Kyle's opponents flying vast distances whilst crashing through solid objects without losing much force. The horns themselves can also skewer the target, but Kyle mainly uses them to increase the impact damage and add extra force behind the strike.
  • Silent Strike: Kyle causes the misty dragon's head constructs to turn translucent and then makes them attack the opponent with a closing of his hand, flash freezing them as he does. This attack deals as much damage as the Sea Serpent's Horns, but is perfect for surprise attacks and leaving the opponent flustered. However, the constructs have a wavy outline to them which can be pinpointed with enough observation.
  • Serpent Wave: Kyle causes one or both of the hydra heads to spew a large volume of mist at the target, which flash freezes into crystal, trapping the opponent and/or anything around it. It is a great technique to subdue opponents, but the crystal can be shattered with enough force.
  • Coil Guard: In the event that the Liquid Gauntlet, Blackguard, or another defensive technique isn't enough, Kyle causes one of the hydra's heads and necks or the tail to coil around a part of his body or his entire body and flash freeze for quick and effective defense. However, the hasted activation of this technique leaves it's crystal integrity not as strong as it could be. It becomes stronger the longer the technique is charged.
  • Twin Serpent Spiral: Kyle causes the two serpent heads to coil around his arm and he punches into his opponent. The initial hit is powerful and additional damage is achieved by the heads of the serpents grinding into the target by rotating around each other at high speeds. The technique can also be used as a psuedo-projectile to attack distant targets.
  • Midgardsormr's Jaws: Kyle converts the energy gathered within his Flash Tattoos into his fists and forearms, causing them to glow midnight blue and violently erupt blue steam. The attacks used in this state are multiplied many times from before and his punches can destroy stone on their own. However, the rest of his body is vulnerable to attack due to no longer being covered in Busoshoku Haki.
  • Crushing Fangs: Kyle further condenses the Busoshoku Haki and energy from his Flash Shift into his hands until a black circle with intricate blue designs appears on each palm. Kyle then reaches the opponent and strikes them with his palms. The gathered energy is unleashed all at once, releasing a shockwave that is so powerful, it can reduce a fifteen-story castle into flying rubble and cause earthquake-level amounts of damage to a two-mile radius around it within seconds. Kyle states that this technique could've exploded his arms if he actually used its full strength, so this is merely a fraction of its power.