Supairaru Supairaru no Mi (Spiral-Spiral Fruit) is a Paramecia-class Devil Fruit that allows the user to make things turn into spirals. It was eaten by X.


The Supairaru Supairaru no Mi is like a banana in shape, it is white with purple swirls.


The user can make anything he touches spiral. While this does not sound very useful it can be very useful. He can, for example, very quickly spiral a rope around someone and make capturing easier- a very useful thingto do for a bounty hunter like X. It also makes escaping and getting to places easier- turning the ground into an upwards going spiral that he is standing on can get him to high places quickly. And he can use it as a weapon. Picking up say a metal bar and he can spiral it forward and use it as a spear against an enemy. If he gets close enough he can also create two black spirals on his hands and use them to hypnotise people into doing what he wants- also a very good skill for a bounty hunter to have as he can make people turn themselves iin without a fight.


The fruit is much more of a tactical thing to use that one simply for fighting, and if used with some thought it can be very effective


The user suffers from the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.


Supairaru Supairaru Knot!- The user takes something and spirals it round someone, causing them to be tied up.

Supairaru Supairaru Hypno!- The user makes two black spirals on his hands and puts them in front of the targets face, hypnotising them.

Supairaru Supairaru Going Up!- The user causes the ground under his feet to spiral up, causing him to rise and get a good veiw of the area.

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