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Supreme Pirates
Main Ship: Mercurius
Captain: All of them
Total Bounty: Bsymbol3,905,000,000


A group of five pirates which believe that they should rule the world because they think they are so powerful that they had became godly deities after consuming their devil fruits. Strangely, there is no captain in this crew as they claim that role is too trival to even bother discussing as they all think they should be captains of all pirates. They believe that they should absolutely control the world and have everyone recognize them as their Gods.

In order to so so, they believe that they have to find One Piece to be recognized as the Pirate King(s) since they see that role is the same as being the strongest person(s) in the world. Also, ever since they heard the stories of the God like destructive powers of the Ancient Weapons, they decided to find them and use them to as their weapons. So far, they are really annoyed that they haven't found One Piece already.

Jolly RogerEdit

The crew's Jolly Roger is a depiction of a traditional skull with sinister eyes, wearing a king's crown overseeing Earth with two skeletal hands over the planet as if the skull is looking at Earth like a crystal ball.

Crew MembersEdit

2nd God


Shade D. Evil

Black Death  (Killed by Guddo Rakku)

Monster (Killed by Nova Blade )



2nd God: Bsymbol845,000,000

The Leader: Bsymbol740,000,000

Shade D. Evil: Bsymbol620,000,000

Black Death: Bsymbol900,000,000

Monster: Bsymbol780,000,000 (Deceased)

Chimera: Bsymbol800,000,000

Relations Amongst the CrewEdit

They all respect each others' strength but however, they hate each other. Each one of them believes that he should be the ruler of the world but decided to settle who gets which territory after conquering the world. They made a decision to never fight each other no matter what so they can maintain their balance of power in the group. Oddly, they have managed to maintain this rule and even joked about killing each other so far. The only thing that they agree on is that they love to pick on the weak even though their methods differ.

Crew StrengthEdit

The Supreme Pirates is so powerful that each member alone have taken down entire infamous pirate crews in the New World by themselves and forced them to be their underlings by fear.

List of Pirate Crews In DivisionsEdit

2nd God: 12 TitansEdit

Medusa's Rage Pirates (2)

Kraken Pirates (4)

Pegasus Pirates (6)

Leader: S.W.A.T ArmyEdit

Riddler Pirates

Boomer Pirates

Tactician Pirates

Nukem Pirates

K.O. Pirates

Tsunami Pirates

Black Death: ShinigamisEdit

Bubonic Pirates

Plague Pirates

Sick Heart Pirates (Worshippers of Black Death)

Cannibal Pirates

Black Rat Pirates

Shade D. Evil: Devil's Little HelpersEdit

Hell's Angels Pirates

Satan Pirates

Kaze Pirates (Temporarily)

Saw Pirates

Greed Pirates

Guts Pirates

Organs Pirates

Orcs Pirates

Terror Reeking Pirates

Psychopath Pirates

Slasher Pirates

Nightmare Pirates

Mercenary Pirates

'Known Pirate crews removed from division':Edit

Sierra Pirates (Defeated by the Kaze Pirates and killed by Shade)

Northern Mountain Pirates (Killed by the Hell's Angels Pirates)

Southern Mountain Pirates (Killed by the Guts Pirates)

Bizarre Pirates (Defeated by the Asylum Pirates and killed by Shade)

Fatal Pirates (Killed by the Mercenary Pirates)


Monster: Armageddon (Disbanded)Edit

Archfield Pirates

Lizardmen Pirates (Killed by Chimera)

TNT Pirates

Demon Pirates (Killed by Chimera)

Doomsday Pirates (Killed by Chimera)

Lone Wolves Pirates (Killed by Chimera)

Chimera: ChupacabarasEdit

X Mutant Pirates

Archfield Pirates

TNT Pirates



Find One Piece and all of the Ancient Weapons to control the world and have everyone recognize them as their Gods.


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