Swamp Fox was the medicine man of the Apueblo Tribe before joining the Swashbuckling Pirates as their sniper and doctor.


Swamp Fox is a medium sized tan boy with a black hair and a mohawk. He usually is shirtless and wears brown shorts with beads hanging from them. An ammo pouch and medicine bag are strapped to his back.


Abilities and PowersEdit

Swamp Fox has performed the following attacks with his bow and arrow:

Apache Arrow: shoots an arrow

Apache Barrage: shoots several arrows

Apache Fist: shoots an arrow tipped with a boxing glove to deliver more damage

Apache Shovel: shoots an arrow tied to a shovel

Apache Bomb: shoots an arrow tipped with gunpowder

History Before the Timeskip (1522 AOP)Edit

The First Great FeverEdit

As a young boy, Swamp Fox received a bow and arrow from his dad for his seventh birthday. Every day, he and his father would practice their target shooting daily. Swamp Fox's father, Gray Fox, was the best sniper in the tribe, and Swamp Fox aspired to become a brave warrior like him. However when Swamp Fox was nine, a great sickness came over the land. Unfortunately, both of Swamp Fox's parents were claimed by fevers, causing Swamp Fox to be inspired to become Apueblo Tribe's first medicine man, and was able to prevent any others from dying.

The Second Great FeverEdit

By the time Jack Gamble and Dorsalo arrive on Apueblo Island, the tribe was dealing with a second wave of the sickness. Upon the Swashbuckling Duo's arrival, Swamp Fox has dozens of patients, and eventually treats Dorsalo's fever. Swamp Fox ends up going with Jack to attack the Yellow Bandits. After Jack defeats Yellow Jacket, Swamp Fox is motivated to join their crew as both a doctor and sniper.

The Quest for BootyEdit

Swamp Fox and Dorsalo explore Dabloon Island after Jack takes off. Walking along the coast, they see a nearby ship, and Dorsalo goes to investigate. They learn that the boat belongs to Captain Rocky and the Avalanche Pirates. Later, while searching for the treasure, Swamp Fox and Dorsalo see Jack helping the Gonzo Pirates. Realizing he must've been captured, they plan to rescue their captian when the Avalanche Pirates attack the Gonzo Pirates. Swamp Fox assists Dorsalo defeat Rocky with his archery skills. After the enemy pirates are defeated, the Swashbuckling Pirates find the treasure and leave Dabloon Island.

A Ship at LastEdit

Before reaching the next island, the Swashbuckling Pirates are captured by Marines after their boat capsizes. Their leader, Captain Stryker, tells the crew that they are under arrest, including Swamp Fox who now has a bounty of 5 million beli. For more on Swamp Fox: Take a Gamble

Major BattlesEdit

Swamp Fox and Dorsalo vs. Rocky

Swamp Fox, Dorsalo, and Alpha D vs. Yee Ho

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