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<p> The Swashbuckling Pirates are from North Blue, and were formed by their Captain, Jack Gamble, and an formerly imprisoned fishman named Dorsalo who aspire to become famous pirates.


Jack Gamble - Captain Dorsalo - Swordsman Swamp Fox - Sniper/Doctor Connery - Cook Alpha D - Navigator/Entertainer Crew Strength The Swashbuckling Pirates are a small crew, but they are all excellent fighters. They can fight separately, but are the strongest when near each other. The crew's current total bounty is 45,000,000 beli. Ship The Swashbuckling Pirates current vessel is nothing more than a small rowboat called the Red Dagger, but they eventually buy a fullsized boat called the Crimson Tide.


Locations Traveled Arctic Island Apueblo Island Dabloon Island Horseshoe Island Longtail Island Bonfire Island The Crew's Adventures Take a Gamble


Jack Gamble's name came from the idea that the Swashbuckling Pirates would originally be a card playing-themed crew.


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