(on the Crimson Tide, heading towards Saboady Archipelago)

Alpha D: Down down, get down.

Connery: What is this racket?

Alpha D: Down with the boogie, down down get down with the boogie.

Wakefield: Someone tell him to stop!

Jack: What are you going on about, Alpha?

Alpha D: The Log Pose is pointing.......D-D-D-DOWN!

Connery: He has to make a song about everything......

Jack: Down? What the heck?

Dorsalo: It's because our next destination is Fishman Island.

Jack: What? Are we that far already?

Mako: Yeah we need to make a pit stop at Sabaody Archipelago though.

Jack: How come?

Mako: We gotta get the ship coated. Otherwise there's no way we can reach Fishman Island.

Swamp Fox: We should probably get some supplies too.

Jack: Wakefield! Set course for Sabaody Archipelago!

Wakefield: Aye aye!

Alpha D: We're not going down, we're not going down.

Wakefield: Hey tell me the heading you idiot! Are you a navigator or what?

Alpha D (discouraged): I'm coming......

Jack: I can't wait to get to Sabaody!! Aren't you excited, Juno?

Juno: Ehhh sure.

(several hours later, at Sabaody Archipelago)

Dorsalo: Let Mako and I handle the coating, the rest of you should stock up on supplies. (he and Mako leave)

Jack: Alright! Then the rest of you come with me! (Jack takes off running)

Swamp Fox: Why does he always do this?

Alpha D: I'm not sure, but I need some new disco dancing attire. Later! (Alpha D dances off)

Juno: Come back here! You'll just get in trouble by yourself (she goes after Alpha D)

Wakefield: This crew sure does a good job of separating itself.

Connery: I'll track down the captain and that lunatic. You two wait for me at the ship. (Connery runs off)

Swamp Fox: UGH I guess it's just us then.

Wakefield: Well I'm not going to stay here all day. (he walks away)

Swamp Fox: Hey! Wait up! (Swamp Fox runs after Wakefield, leaving the ship unattended)

(a mysterious figure appears on deck)

???: Hmmmm. I can't say I've heard of this crew. They look kinda strong. I should tell my captain about this.

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