Swiftly Pudgy

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Age: 17(pretimeskip)19(posttimeskip)
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Blood type: A
Birthdate: 6th November
Height: 1,89 cm
Weight : 92kg
Island of Origin: Tralala,Grand Line
Occupation: Pirate
Epithet: The Hunter
Crew: (Knights Pirates),Jester Pirates
Position :Chef
Family: Hunts Tribe
Bounty: 19,000,000
Dream :To master every recipe in the world,

Swiftly Pudgy is a young man from the Grand Line. He was born on a winter island called Tralala. He is the youngest among the prominent members of Knight Pirates. Aged at 19. Since the Knight Pirates, he joined Jester Pirates.He is the second youngest in the crew. He wields 2 battle axes and he was the main cook for Knight Pirates and now, the cook for Jester Pirates


Swiftly Pudgy has a round body shape. He is always smiling. He wears a blue shirt with a mouse logo at the back with two blue with white stripes on his shoulder in cross manner and a slightly darker blue snowcap with a mouse logo on the front, black pants, and white high boots with blue laces. He put his battle axes on his back hangin by his a rope.


Born and raised in a calm, crime-free and friendly winter island. He has a calm and friendly personality. He would resort to negotiating with his opponent rather than fighting them. Despite being a hunter, he is a bit timid. He is easily scared by big, scary, strong looking enemies or opponents although, sometimes they're not as fearless or strong as they look which he will defeat after some encouragement. Because of this, he is always distracted. His love for food and cooking makes him an excellent cook. He never rejects anyone who asked for his food as he take it as it's a gift from god to have an ability to cook. Coming from a poor village, he sees food as the main source of energy. Thus the sole reason he wants to be cook and hunter is to make his village healthy and strong again. Therefore, when he joined the Knight Pirates ,he is constantly waking them up for breakfast and make sure they have ate enough before going for an adventure or searching for treasures. He has a distinct laugh of his own ,which is foododododododo

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