Tar Goods Logo 2

Tar Goods Logo

Tar Goods is a prominent merchant company that travels from island to island. It was established in the North Blue generations ago, and has been maintained by the Saga family.


Tar Goods is a traveling merchant company which, originally, only catered to the North Blue. However, under the leadership of Leopold Saga, the company now travels to all the cardinal seas and the first half of the Grand Line. By doing this, they have expaned their products by buying common products found on an island and selling them on another island, where they are less common, greatly boosting income. This is especially useful when travelling between seas, as people try to keep up with the trends with people from the other seas. The company personel also use a distinctive fighting style, where they use two swords, one used for offense and one used for defense.


  • Tar Goods is a reference to the English term, Jack Tar, used to refer to a seaman in the Merchant or Royal Navy.

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