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Tarakudo Hunter
Manga - Anime

Tarakudo Post

Japanese Name: ハンター
Romanized Name: Tarakudo hantā
English Name: Tarakudo Hunter
First Appearance: Unknown
Affiliations: The Skyline Pirates;
Occupations: Assassin; Pirate; Nightmare Division Commander;
Epithet: Demon King (鬼王 Onio?);
100 Soul Thief (百魂盗人 Hyaku Tamashī nusutto?);
Japanese VA:
Funi English VA:
Age:  ?? (Debut)
?? (after timeskip)
Birthday: June 6th
Height: 199.64 cm (6'6.6")
Bounty: Bsymbol10???,???,???
strong points:

"We're surrounded? Great! That means we can attack them from any side!"

- Tarakudo's heroic personality "Yūshi"


Work in Progress. . . 


Tarakudo Portait view.
Tarakudo in a heroic pose. Tarakudo's alter ego 'Yūshi'
Tarakudo Sinister
Tarakudo's appearance with the alter ego 'Itami' in control. (Note: Change in the Eye colour.)
Tarakudo in Snow
Tarakudo enjoying snow for the first time.
Tarakudo in the Snow
'Tsuyo' in control of Tarakudo, fighting off several hitmen in the snow.

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