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Taru Taru no Mi
Japanese Name: ソン たるソン たるのみ
English Name: Tar Tar Fruit
Meaning: Tar
First Appearance: A Door that Opens Part 3
Type: Logia
Eaten by: N/A


Taru Taru is a very rare devil fruit. It has the ability to turn the user into pure Tar. The user is extremely sticky, and also has the ability to make pools of tar without diminishing her overall capacity. Due to the very high viscocity, it cannot flow very fast, but given enough force, it can be shot in bubbles. Tar also has a very strong odor, and can cause asphyxiation over a large area with just a gallon of it. Her tar is a naturally occuring coal tar, which is flamable at 100 degrees.


The user may be invulnerable to normal physical attacks, but attacks painted in haki can still hurt her. She also suffers from the normal devil fruit weaknesses.