Tatsu Tatsu no Mi: Model Apocalyptic Dragon

Apocalyptic Dragon
Japanese Name:

(japanese kanji)

English Name: Dragon Dragon Fruit Model: Apocalyptic Dragon
Meaning: Dragon: Apocalyptic Dragon
Type: Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit
Power: To be come part or full dragon.

Eaten By:

Marcus Liore

Story / Creator: GZero945


The Tatsu Tatsu no Mi Model: Apocalyptic Dragon is a Mythical Zoan Fruit that grants the user to become partically, or fully a dragon. This fruit was based off a summon in Final Fantasy VII.


The Tatsu Tatsu no Mi Model: Apocalyptic Dragon looks like a Dark Red Orange with a Skull pattern on it.


Like the introduction said, the user can become part or full dragon. Marcus activates at will, since he mastered it during his massacures. Even in human form, he can use its power upon will.


Marcus has an advantage, for he can summon parts of a dragon at will, giving him the oppritunity to fly, unleash powerful blows, breath fire, even see the lifeforce of his opponent. It also enhanced his strength, speed, and endurance to that of a dragon, making him quite the advisary. At his hybrid form, Marcus's ablities are enhanced, making him even harder to kill, or even harm. In his full dragon form, Marcus is able to obliterate a town with one fire ball blast. Unlike other dragons, he is quite immune to the cold, as it will not affect him, but other means are. Fire will even cause Marcus to regenerate.


Marcus is more susecptible to seastone in his full dragon form. He is also weak against wind and magma. Other then that, it's all standard DF weaknesses

More to be written...