Tatsu Tatsu no Mi, Model: Star Dragon

  • What the Tatsu Tatsu no Mi Star Dragon looks like before it was eating.
  • Sammy when she changes into Full Star Dragon.

Japanese Name:ドラゴンドラゴンスタードラゴン

English Name:Dragon Dragon Model Star Dragon

Latin Name: Draco Draco Model, Stella Draco

Meaning: Star Dragon
Type:Mythical Zoan
Power: Turning into a Star Dragon
Eaten By:Sammy
Story / Creator: Caring16


The Tatsu Tatsu no Mi, Model: Star Dragon was first owned by a Celestial Dragon. Then it was force fed to Sammy. Though Sammy tends to only change into half dragon to still be the same height.


The Tatsu Tatsu no Mi Model: Star Dragon is a dark purple coconut shaped Devil Fruit with stars and swirls on it.


The Tatsu Tatsu no Mi lets the user fly and become if they want full or half Star Dragon.


Some of the strengths of this fruit gives the user the ability to fly. The user can if he/she trained enough can become a half dragon just by thinking of it.


The user suffers from standard Devil Fruit weaknesses. Another weakness is the user in full dragon mode is less able to dodge attacks if is being attacked.



Unlike other Dragon DF when full dragon the person is only the size of a one person boat.

A World Noble owned it before it was forced feed to Sammy. He wanted a pet dragon of his own.

Sammy dislikes her full dragon self since it makes her feel smaller then she is when being half dragon.

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