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the fury pirates are led by the infamous, red haired fury who had eaten boom boom devil fruit giving him to ability to cause explosions just by thinking about it, he has been said to be the best pirate on the west blue and are nicknamed the fire kings


red haired fury: captain zao: a swordsmen who is said to be the best nao: zaos twin brother who is a creak shot with a gun lunna: the only female crew member and she is the navigation's expert


fury had been a kid born near the all blue where he had found the boom boom fruit while fishing with his grandfather, his wise grandfather had told him to keep it and sell it and he had kept it for a year untill he ate it and had lost his ability to swim but gained the ability to cause explosions 12 years later he had decided to form a pirate crew and go to search for the infamous one piece


furys grand father was Portgas D. Ace

nothing else

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