Meteor Pirates
Main Ship The Crater

Nagare Boshi

Burji Boshi

Hanagata Boshi

Total Bounty 2,200,000,000


The Meteor Pirates are one of the largest crews sailing the grand-line they consist of 1000 members with just 3 people that are strong.The crew is divided in 3 divisions with each of the divisions having a captain.They reside on Star island,they were the ones that split the island in 3 parts.They were defeated by The Angel,Skyline and Kaze Pirates.

Jolly RogerEdit

The Jolly roger consist's of the same design as a normal Jolly Roger with the differences being that instead of a skull it is a meteor and shooting star's instead of crossbones.

Crew MembersEdit

work in progress......

Crew StrengthEdit

work in progress......


work in progress......

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