Introduction Edit

The Rocker Pirates were once a large crew, 4 ships and 500 men strong, and were captained by the infamous pirate Ozzy Nugent. However they suffered a massive defeat at the hands of The Technicolour Pirates (who were only one ship and 5 crewmembers) in a battle which culminated in the death of their captain and the leaving of one of their officers, Renny Lynch. The crew was once the terrors of The Grand Line but now they have faded into obscurity. Another thing to note about their crew is that every single member from the captain to the lowest of subordinates was some kind of musician.

Jolly RogerEdit

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Crew: Members, Roles, Bounties.Edit

Crew is listed Chronologically to when they joined the crew

Ozzy Nugent(Deceased) - Role: Captain/Musician

Current Bounty: 240million Beri

Jimmy Mercury- Role: First Mate/First Swordsman/Musician

Current Bounty: 95million Beri

Elvis Claptain- Role:Sharpshooter/Musician

Current Bounty: 80million Beri

Renny Lynch (Former)- Role: Musician

Bounty as a member of The Rocker Pirates: 50million Beri


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Friends, Allies and EnemiesEdit

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