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Jolly Roger Silver

Silver Wind Pirates' Jolly Roger

The Silver Wind Pirates are a rag tag crew that consists of seventeen people. They are in the New World. Led by Corey Talbain, the Demon Pirate, they had their momments, whether they are funny, sad, romantic, or just purely epic, they went through it all. They are like a family in many ways, with each crewmember special in their own way. Every single last member will die for one another in combat and will fight to their last breath.

The Crew's Bounties thus far... (Will get right on that soon)Edit

Corey Talbain-Captain

Barret Eberstark-First Mate

Teven Cross-1st Swordsman

Leona Cross-Navigator

Sherry Cromwell-Doctor

Dan Ross-1st Brawler

Shadoukira-1st Assassin

Maverick- Gunslinger

Liu Shin-2nd Assassin


Roy Traven-2nd Swordsman

Sun Meiling- Cook

The CrewEdit


The Crew's theme song is "This is War" By 30 Seconds to Mars.

This Is War - 30 Seconds to Mars - Final Fantasy Music Video05:25

This Is War - 30 Seconds to Mars - Final Fantasy Music Video

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