The Triad
Leader: Maximilliano
Status: Active


The Triad is a group of three assassins that work for the World Government. They are called upon to quickly eliminate threats against justice. They have yet to ever fail a mission.



Overall, The Triad is very strong. Each member has Devil Fruit powers and the ability to use Haki. Each of the members also possess enhanced attributes that make them formidable combatants, even without their Devil Fruit powers.


The Triad was first formed from three children who were captured by slavers. The children were purchased by the World Government for the purpose of becoming assassins. The three kids were put through rigorous and cruel training in order to make them into super-strong, unquestioning killing machines. As their training progressed, their masters made them eat Devil Fruits in order to increase their fighting capabilities.

Once their training was complete, they were sent by the World Government to eliminate pirates and other criminals who were considered extremely dangerous. No matter the target, The Triad succeeded in eliminating them. Whenever they were given a mission, their targets were found dead with no trace of what killed them. Now, the World Government has come to rely on The Triad when all other avenues have failed.

Eventually, The Triad was sent to eliminate the Outlaw Pirates, who had recently assaulted a Marine base. The Triad found the Outlaws on Sugar Island. They took out the two pirates that were left to guard the ship, and then waited in ambush for the others to return. When the Outlaws returned, The Triad attacked them, quickly overpowering them. Realizing that The Triad could not be bested, the Outlaw Pirates escaped. The Triad, still on Sugar Island, vowed to hunt down the Outlaws and finish their job.


  • All three members have names that end in "o".
  • Each member has Devil Fruit powers; one logia, one zoan, and one paramecia.
  • Each member possesses some type of psychological issue due to the trauma they endured. Maximilliano is a sadist, Vincento is extremely arrogant and narcissistic, and Pietro is a mute.

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