The Moon's HeartEdit


The Moon's heart is the ship that Luna and Jaden stole it was use for cargo before it was stolen


The moons heart ship out side looks like a nomal pirate ship


Bedroom's: Edit

Their are 4 bedroom's the first one is the captain room with olny one person in it and the pet the next one has 3 people in it the third has 3 people in it and the last one has 3 people in it

Captain room:The captain room is fairly big in the middle it has the captain's bed then it has some desk fill with maps and alot of other suff to beside the door their is a bell and it's their for if their being attack and Lumina sleeps on Luna bed who sleeps in this Luna rogue.and Lumina

Room 2: Room 2 is the same size of the Captain room but because it has more people in it looks small one bed is a hamnick which is where Jaden sleeps then you got the bed which is where Dr.Lancelot sleeps and last is Yuma which he sleeps on a pale of leafs who sleeps in this room Jaden Dr.Lancelot Yuma

Room 3: Room 3 is a bit smaller then the first 2 they all have the same bed's who sleeps in this room Rose Dusk Alex

Room 4: Room 4 is the same size as Room 3 Chaos sleeps in a bath tub next you have zero who sleeps on the window still and last is Silver who sleeps on a stack of pollows Who sleeps in this Chaos Zero Silver


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