Tom Fiddle
Japanese Name: トム.- いじくる
Romanized Name: Tomu Fidoru
English Name: Tom Fiddle
First Appearance: New Voyage! Chapter 5
Affiliations: The Four Horsemen
Occupations: The Four Horsemen, Bounty Hunter
Epithet: War (戦争 Sensō?)
Japanese VA: Shigeru Chiba
4kids English VA: Michael Alston Baley
Funi English VA: Sean Hennigan
strong points:
Devil Fruit
Japanese Name: Uma Uma no Mi, Model: War
English Name: Horse-Horse Fruit, Model:War
Meaning: "Horse.
Type: Mythical Zoan

Tom Fiddle is a Bounty Hunter and a member of The Four Horsemen known as "War" (戦争 Sensō?). He Ate The Uma Uma no Mi, Model: War.

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