Dangan Tony

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Age: 22

24(after time skip)

Gender: male
Species: human
Blood type:B+
Height: 1,95 m
Weight: 70 kg
Island of Origin:
Occupation: sniper
Epithet: bullseye
Crew: Ameba pirates
Position: first mate/sniper
Current Bounty: 87 million
Dream: Get to laftel and prove his captain that the one piece exists
Page created by: Marijuana


Tony is the first mate and best friend of Texas, he was also one of the founders of the Ameba pirates and has known its captain since birth.Tony and Texas have always disagreed in the existance of the one piece and together with becaming the best sniper in the world is his dream to prove his captain wrong by finding laftel


Tony is a thin man with short brown hair and dark eyes. He wears a brown leather jacket and small shorts with a belt and black boots, his jacket has a strip on its back to hold his rifle and his belt holds two flintlocks at all times.


Abilities and PowersEdit

Fighting Style and AttributesEdit

Altough his main battle style is his rifle, Tony has also amazing speed and great kicking abilities. His strong legs able him to jump really high giving him a better vision for dificult shots.


He uses a rifle that is the only thing that Texas father had left to him and it was given to him by Texas at the age of 14. Up until now several modifications have already been done in the rifle.

Devil FruitsEdit

   He has no Devil Fruit power


   Tony has kenbunshoku haki, which enables him to sometimes make shots without 
even looking at the target





Dangan means bullet in japanese

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