Toppu Toppu no Mi
Japanese Name: トップトップの実
English Name: Top-Top Fruit
Meaning: Top
First Appearance: {{{first}}}
Type: Paramecia
Eaten by: Thomas Howard

The Toppu Toppu no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the users to transform their body parts into a multitude of metal tops, much like the Beri Beri no Mi. "Toppu" means top. It was eaten by Thomas Howard.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

The fruit’s major strength, is to change users bodyparts into multiply tops and the ability to control them. Them can be use as means of transportation by making the center of the top stationary, so that it does not spin with the top making it perfect spot to stand.



  • Metal Top Adventures (メタルトップの冒険 Metaru Toppu no Bōken?, literally meaning "Metal Top Adventures")
  • Top Speed (トップスピード Toppu Supīdo?, literally meaning "Top Speed")
  • Toppujettokosuta (トップジェットコースター Toppujettokōsutā?, literally meaning "Top roller coaster") Thomas changed his hands into human sized tops. Then he puts them in a line, sending them after his enemy. They will monitor him as long as the they hit him or at the point that Thomas wishes to.
  • Banpaka (バンパーカー Banpākā?, literally meaning "Bumper car")
  • Baiburedo (バイブレード Baiburēdo?, literally meaning "By Blade")
  • Topputawa (トップタワー Topputawā?, literally meaning "Top Tower")
  • Wanyudo (輪入道 Wanyūdō?, literally meaning "Wheel Monk")
  • Top Meat Slicer (トップミートスライサー Toppumītosuraisā?, literally meaning "Top Meat Slicer")
  • Kutei Taiin no Tatsumaki (空挺隊員の竜巻 Kūtei taiin no tatsumaki?, literally meaning "Paratrooper tornado")
  • Nami Suinga (波スインガー Nami suingā?, literally meaning "Wave Swinger")
  • Purattofomu (プラットフォーム Purattofōmu?, literally meaning "Platform")
  • Tikappu (ティーカップ Tīkappu?, literally meaning "Teacups")
  • Kamikaze no Toppu ( 神風のトップ Kamikaze no Toppu?, literally meaning "Kamikaze Top")