Tori Tori No Mi Model: Stymphalides

Japanese Name: バードバードフルーツモデル:Stymphalides

English Name: 

Bird Bird Fruit Model: Stymphalides


Bird Bird Fruit Model: Stymphalides


Mythical Zoan


allows its user to transform into a stymphalian bird hybrid and a full stymphalian bird at will, flight via wings, sharp metal beak and feathers (the later of which can be projected and instanteonously regenerated)

Eaten By:
Story / Creator: User:Mwonderful21






The user suffers from standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.


  • Kami sori u~ingu (かみそりウィング), literal meaning "Razor Wing", In her hybrid form, Kate flies at her opponents with her wings extended slicing the opponent
  • Kami sori ame (かみそり雨), literal meaning "Razor Rain", Kate launches her feathers at her opponent
  • Kamisori ame o nenshō (カミソリ雨を燃焼), literal meaning "Burning Razor Rain", Kate places heat dials into her wings then does Razor Rain, launching burning feathers
  • Jettoreizāu~ingu (ジェットレイザーウィング), literal meaning "Jet Razor Wing", Kate places jet dials on her back, propeling her faster, and then does Razor Wing
  • Kami sori akarui (かみそり明るい), literal meaning "Razor Bright", Kate blinds her opponent with a flash dial then swipes the opponent with their wing


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