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Tori Tori no mi, Model Griffon

Burakku's Gryffon Form
Japanese Name: 鳥鳥フルーツモデル:グリフォン
English Name: Bird Bird fruit
Meaning: Griffon
Type: Mythological Zoan
Power: Ability to turn into Griffon
Eaten By: Kenta
Story / Creator: Senshi-chan


The Tori Tori no mi Model: Griffon is a Mythological Zoan type Devil Fruit that allows the user to turn into a large Griffon. It was eaten by Kenta.


The fruit looks like a large black cherry with a silver stem.


One of the most prominent features of this fruit is that it heightens the users sight, smell, and hearing. In Kenta's case, where his eyes were darkened to where it was like he was permanently wearing sunglasses, his sight as heightened back to that of a normal human. He is also able to sprout different body parts similar to a griffon, including claws, feathers, and his permanent black wings.

He can also become a full griffon if he wishes it with only a thought. He can fly, lift large objects, and in full gryffon form, he can carry about three people on his back.


This fruit is that it heightens the users senses, allowing the user to tell when someone is coming. Large wings allow the user to fly, even in human form. Their bones become lighter then air, making them slightly more flexible, and making it easier to fly. They can sprout claws at will, on either their hands or their feet, and they can become full griffon and attack their enemies.


Beside the standard Devil fruit weaknesses, Kenta also has other weaknesses. If his wings get wet, they soak up the water and weigh him down and he temporarily loses his ability to fly until his wings dry. Also, he is very susceptible to high frequency sound-waves. The loud noises can cause him to stop flying and also give him earsplitting headaches, making him vulnerable to attack.

While it can't really be called a weakness, Kenta requires a great deal of calories to allow him to fly, which makes it nearly impossible to keep food on the ship. If Kenta is hungry, it is also difficult for him to fly.


Human formEdit

Claw StrikeEdit

Burakku turns his hands into claws, or his feet, then attacks his enemies. His claws give him a longer range of attacks, making it easier to take down his enemies.. Can also be used in Full Griffon form.

Air StrikeEdit

Burakku uses his wings to send a blast of air toward his opponents, knocking them down and giving him time to exploit any openings. Can also be used in Full Griffon form

Griffon FormEdit

Sonic cryEdit

Burakku crows and sends out a sonic wave. Disorients the enimes, especially those who have enhanced hearing.

Talon SnatchEdit

He uses his talons to either grab his enemy and throw them, slash at the enemy, or remove a friend from a sitch.

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