Usa Usa no Mi, Model: Bunny
375px-Rabbit in montana
Japanese Name: ウサウサの未モデルバニー
English Name: Rabbit Rabbit Fruit, Model: Bunny
Meaning: Bunny
First Appearance: N/A
Type: Zoan
Eaten by: Taken

The Bunny Model of the Usa Usa no Mi allows the consumer to turn into both a bunny hybrid creature, and fully into a bunny.

Appearance Edit

Usa Usa no Mi, Model: Bunny is a green plum spotted of course with the Devil Fruit pattern.

Strengths Edit

The special powers this fruit bestows while in his hybrid form are multiple. One of which is an increase in strength throughout the body, though this increase is greatest in the user's legs allowing for powerful jumps and kicks. The user's ears are also enlarged, becoming more potent in hearing for sounds. The user is also covered in a thin gray fur with whiskers on the nose. Consumers of the fruit also receive the ability to fully transform into a small gray bunny, becoming very agile.

Weaknesses Edit

When fully transformed, the user loses nearly all of the strength they had, other than that they're susceptible to the common Devil Fruit weaknesses.

Attacks Edit