"Behold My Creation!"

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"... - Vai"
Japanese Name: ヴィ亜
Romanized Name: Via
English Name: Via
First Appearance:  ????
Affiliations: Marines
Occupations: Marine, Vice Admiral
Epithet: The Queen of the Needle (黒木馬, Hari no Joo,?)
Japanese VA:
Age: 45
Birthday: March 1
Height: 13'0
strong points:


Via is a Guardrone and a ninja from the Iga Region as well a Vice Admiral in the marines, and currently one of the Junishin under the code name "Ox".



Abilities and PowersEdit

Via is the creator and a master at Hari Kenpo. This style uses ninja like techniques with senbon needles and sewing needles, as well as seastone wire. Using her speed, reflexes, and agility, she can dart around leaving a net of near invisible wire. She also hides some within her clothing for close range fighting. As she moves needles come out and slash the opponent.

Each needle has a different effect to it, some utilizing poison, though all her needles are made of seastone. In her gloves there are wrist blades that pop out when needed also made of seastone, these blades shoot out needles if need be. Due to her first three layers being made of seastone, she is extremely hard to defeat.

She herself can fly, fire element based attacks, and much more, as well as move at higher speeds that before. Originally she was extremely fast, even by superhuman standards. However after becoming a cyborg, she is near impossible to catch. Her body can produce different substances such as acid, poison, lasers, fire, water, wind, electricity, even seastone.


Busoshoku Haki Kenbunshoku Haki



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