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Japanese Name: ロロノア戦士
Romanized Name: Victoria
English Name: Victoria
First Appearance: [[]]
Affiliations: Devil Spawn Pirates
Occupations: Cook; Pirate
Japanese VA: Sayuri Hayagi,
Ava Acres (Young)
4kids English VA: Olivia Olson
Funi English VA: Elizabeth Gillies
Age: 21 (debut)
23 (after timeskip
Birthday: October 31st
Height: {{{height}}}
Bounty: Bsymbol10275,000,000
strong points:


Victoria is a mysterious witch girl who's been on the run for a few years. She's the fourth person to join the crew, and she became the ship's cook.


Victoria has long, dark red hair that reached the small of her back and bright red eyes. Her skin is slightly tan with a splattering of freckles. She usually wears a red and black striped shirt under a loose black halter top tee.She wears dark blue jeans with knee high boots. She tends to wear lots of bracelets, as well as a pentacle necklace.

After the time skip, Victoria cut her hair extremely short and let herself get a bit paler. She now wears a black halter top with netting sleeves that come to a point at her hands. She wears a black skirt with ripped purple and black striped leggings underneath with black combat boots. Her jewelry seemed to increase, and she'd even pierced her belly button.

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