Age: 23
Gender: Female
Species: Rouru
Blood type: O+
Birthdate: January 31
Height: 7ft 7in
Island of Origin: Majora
Occupation: Revolutionary
Epithet: Freebird
Family: Rouru Tribe
Current Bounty: 375,000,000 Belli
Dream: Free Everyone
Page created by: ChopperFan


Watarara is a Revolutionary who loves to watch slaves go free. She is part of the Rouru Tribe, a tribe of anthromorphic birds on Majora Island, and famous for being a rare specie of bird. She is known as the "Free Bird" because of all of her missions freeing slaves.


Watarara is a golden bird with a very tall stature. The tips of her wings are vibrantly colored and change color in the sunlight. She has two small tribal markings above her eyes that make her look like she has eyebrows. She has a wingspan of 15 feet and sometimes wears a cloak to hide her appearance.

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